Monday, July 30, 2007

My new park

Here it is... the latest and greatest project in our subdivision! The first of two or three phases to make the best park around! This is such a short walk from my house that mom says we'll never have to get in the car to go to the park again unless we want to! I know it looks a bit big for such a little girl, but I can handle it!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The NXT summer camp... Shout it Out!

So I went to my first youth church summer camp this week. It was a long trip but mom said I did great in the car. Especially when I was sleeping!

I got to play a ton and loved to watch the big kids playing games.

I still have to admit though... My favorite thing is my mom and I love to run and hug her and she falls over and rolls on the ground with me.

I also came to the conclusion that hot dogs are so much easier to eat by chomping bites off of the whole thing. I refused to eat it when my mom cut it up! There was so much that happened at camp! Too much to post here, so if you want to see pictures of all the kids that were there check out my mom's myspace accout. She posted a bunch there.

I do have to admit that I became a better worshiper this week. Pastor Steve's favorite story about me is how I was sound asleep in my stroller, but then the music started. I started raising my hands and clapping before I even opened my eyes! You just can't help but dance!!! Even if it is with a hot dog!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Dad... My Hero...

Today while mom was mowing the backyard she got attacked by wasps! (Don't worry she somehow avoided getting stung but like 20 of them were dive bombing her head!) So she screamed like a lady should and went to get my dad. My dad went on a wasp hunting mission! He found a tiny nest in our yard but said there was only 2 or 3 wasps... So he went on a bigger mission! Next thing you know he has found 2 mambo jambo nests right next door which explains why they attacked when mom was mowing near their home.

So being the good samaritan that he is, he knocked on our neighbors door with a big smile and asked if he could kill their wasps? They were very excited... (they're kind of old) and even gave him wasp spray that they bought a long time ago waiting to get around to it!

So here is one of the two nests which doesn't look very big, but dad said it's huge for a nest on a house. It was holding approx 50 wasps! Yikes! So again I say my dad is my hero cause now my mom won't get stung when she mows the lawn. And he saved the life of the dog next door named CD even though he barks all the time and keeps mom and dad awake when they sleep with the window open. Mom hoped that he would get stung and have his throat swell just enough so he couldn't bark.... no luck! So if you have any wasps just let my dad know... he loves the adrenaline rush you get after spraying the nest and having 50 wasps come shooting out of the nest while you are 15 ft up in the air on a ladder!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watering chairs?

You'd think a 20 month old could follow the simple task of watering the plants! (Ha!Ha!) By the end of watering plants everyone including Mystic got wet, our flower beds were flooded, and there wasn't a dry spot to be found in the backyard! Thank goodness for the warm summer sun!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Idaho Beaches

Well today we visited Lake Lowell which is close to my house and the closest thing to the ocean for quite a while! I had a blast! I know we've established this before... but water is definitely one of my favorite things!

I even got to play in mom's kayak for a while. They think I'm a natural and said as soon as I'm big enough I will get a boat of my very own!

Then I spent quite a bit of time gathering rocks and putting them in my bucket.

Just so I could throw them! Check out those skills! Do you see the rock flying in the top of the picture!

I also played in the sand a while and mom even brought snacks for me to eat. But when it came down to it, what I wanted to do most is play in the water! If nobody wanted to go, I grabbed my raft and headed straight towards the water all by myself. Guaranteed to get mom or dad in the water then! I had a great day at the beach and I can't wait to go back!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Post-nap July 4th

So I awoke from my nap, ate dinner (I was so tired from the day I didn't wake up till 5:00!), then mom and dad took me outside. I heard a loud pop and then all these ribbons shot out of dad's hand!

I played with the ribbon for a while but then I got bored. Mom and Dad kept laughing and shooting ribbons and confetti everywhere... they're silly sometimes. I on the other hand had more important things to do. It was getting dark and I knew at any second I might have to go to bed.

I don't get it... They still haven't taken me to bed!

Check it out... still playing even though it's getting darker!

Then it happened... It was so dark I couldn't even see and we decided to go for a walk! It was the best night ever... I finally get to see what Mom and Dad do after I go to bed. You would not believe it!

After kids go to bed, the best I can understand is that everywhere parents start to celebrate! I would hear whistling and loud booms, then showers of beautiful colors everywhere. Too many places for me to watch at one time! It was the most amazing thing and I wasn't even scared! We walked to the school field really close to our house and it was the best neighborhood show ever! Big huge fireworks... like at the city show!

Poor Hannah Joy... she's still a little younger than me and just couldn't stay up that late. I finally went to bed at 11:15. (I'm almost 20 months you know!) But she never let go of her flag! I think I'll stay up tonight and she what mom and dad do then!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

So here are some pics from pre-nap 4th of July...

We were in a parade... yep... we're famous! This is the look of confusion on our faces as the band started playing on the float. Can you believe it? Our float from The NXT youth church had live music and was totally rockin' ! It was the best in the parade! We even won an award for the "Best Theme"... everyone kept asking what our theme was?? Jesus! Pffft... no wonder we won!

Somehow everyone said Hannah Joy and I had it made in the shade... I don't know who they were kidding it was super hot! Mom said her temperature gage said 99 degrees F. After a while we got to ride in the air conditioned truck with all the other babies. I didn't last too long though. I just love my mom so much and I couldn't stand seeing her walk next to the truck. I thought "If mom's going to be hot... I'm going to be hot!"

Here's the guy's warming up. It really was an awesome float! Everone watching the parade would clap and dance as we walked by. I helped mom hand out card's to the youth on the sideline's so that more people would know about our church and God.

It was a really hard job being in the parade, so afterwards we had a picnic. David is really the best at sharing his cheetos... Well I'm off to take a nap now. Mom says I need to sleep good this afternoon cause tonight we are going to see how fire works... or something like that. (I'll post those pictures later!)