Thursday, November 29, 2012

Disney on Ice

 About a month or so ago, we were able to score some really cheap tickets for Disney on Ice!  Our new house is less than a mile from the major event centers on campus and so now it is really easy to head to the shows that come through and be home before most cars make it out of the parking lot!  So nice!

 The girls barely made a peep the ENTIRE show!  They were SO excited and it felt so good as a parent to surprise them with such a fun event!

At the end of the day Hannah, Aspen, and Brooke all told us of their dreams to ice skate and be in Disney on Ice one day.....  Hmmmmm?  You never know do you?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

 Yay!  It's that time again!  Time for a Christmas Tree!  Normally we like to drive to Idaho City and cut down our own, but this year that just cannot happen :(  Next year though!  We did happen to find the most beautiful tree in ALL of Boise and for the low low price of $24.95.  (If you've ever bought a tree from a tree lot, you know they generally go for $50-70 bucks!)  But we found a lot where War Vets were selling trees and then sending a portion of the money to the troops via care packages etc..  So a beautiful tree and a great cause!  Love it!

 And it's a perfect fit!

My heart is full.... that's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hannah Receives an Award

We recently received a letter from Hannah's school inviting us to an awards assemble where Hannah would be presented with an award!  We were so proud already!  We weren't really sure how she would transition to a new school, new grade, new teacher, and new friends... obviously it is going well!
 Hannah's principal Mrs. Donnavin gave Hannah her award while her teacher Miss. Metzger talked a little about Hannah and why she received this award!
 She was 1 of 5 in her class that received awards today!  We are so proud of you Hannah Grace!
 Hannah is one of the most humble people we know.  She is definitely the kiddo that likes to do good things, but is completely embarrassed when someone catches her and praises her for it! She received the "Happy Helper Award" and it says she is an amazing helper and always has a great attitude when asked to do something!  Hannah's teacher complimented us on Hannah's sweet, kind, and loving personality.  She said Hannah is always one of the first to volunteer to help and is frequently caught helping those in the class that might be having trouble.  She said Hannah is especially sensitive to those who have language barriers or disabilities, specifically a little girl who is legally blind.  It warms a Mothers heart to know all of the countless hours you spend reinforcing all of the things you want your kids to soak in actually pays off!  Sometimes it is hard to recognize at home, but when someone outside of the home comes to you and describes your child behaving in the way you have been fighting so hard for, it feels really good.  I love your compassionate heart Hannah.  I love your kindness and sensitivity.  I love it that you are willing to help the "less fortunate" and not be ashamed.  Your friends are watching you Hannah... they are learning from you.  You are a leader Hannah Grace... always remember that!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hannah's First Bronco Game!

 John scored a couple of free tickets this past week as an employee of BSU!  It was the exact price we needed to get Hannah to a game, something she has been asking for every birthday and Christmas for the past 2years!  So this year, just over 2 weeks shy from her 7th birthday we surprised her with an early present!  Tickets to tonights game!
 Another perk to living less than 1 mile from the Bronco Stadium!  Tonight the game didn't start until 8:30pm, parking is next to impossible for any game, but since we live so close the girls and I dropped off John, Hannah, and a wagon.  There are always game goers parked outside our house so I don't think it would have done much good to try and find a closer spot! They just walked home when the game was over!
 Being a Bronco fan is sort of a culture around here and even though Hannah doesn't know too much about football yet, she is proud to call the Bronco's her home team!
 Check out those pretzels!  I have to admit, I am a little jealous I had to miss out on those! :)
 So pretty and so proud to be on a date with her Dad doing something so special!
 Too cute!  I love it!

They didn't get home from the game until after midnight!  I couldn't believe this booger was still awake!  She was so excited though she was talking non-stop until her head hit the pillow!  Happy early birthday present Hannah Grace!  We are so glad you finally got to see the Broncos play in person!

Hannah's First Bronco Volleyball Game

 Hannah has been a Bronco fan longer than we can remember!  Her excitement  for the Broncos escalated significantly when John accepted his job at BSU!  It is so funny because she is so passionate about the Broncos it makes us want to be fans too lol!  We took advantage of free tickets to a Volleyball game and Hannah and I headed on an afternoon date!  Hannah got to attend a volleyball camp at BSU this summer and has been asking to go to a game ever since!  She was excited to see that there were cheerleaders at the game and the coach of the team remembered her from camp and stopped her to say hi!  Let me tell you, this little girl was THRILLED that she remembered her!  It was definitely a fun experience, it has been forever since I have see a game and I really enjoyed myself too!
 This is Hannah begging for a Bronco pillow pet...
And yes... she frequently completes her homework in a Bronco like fashion.  Almost anything can become a bronco fan... even a turkey lol!  We sure love our little Bronco fan!  She is too cute!

Friday, November 02, 2012

The cutest thing ever!

 So as little as Taylor may be, she knows what she wants!  A lot of the time she wants to be like her big sisters!
 So much that she was thrilled when I painted her toenails!  She held still the entire time, even while they dried!
 She is so proud of her little toes!
Pretty in pink!