Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh Glory! Grandma is Here!

But we don't have any pictures of her yet! Just as she flew in though the rain began to turn into big snowflakes and freezing rain! Good thing she didn't fly in any later! Mom told me that Grandma or "Ampa" as I call her... (My Grandpa's are "Apa's" FYI, don't know why everyone adds the Grand???) Anyways... Mom told me Grandma was coming on a plane about 2 weeks ago. Boy was that a mistake with my great memory, Dad said maybe part's are photographic like his! For 2 weeks Grandma's name was forbidden in our house. Mom said she didn't think about the consequences that would result from telling me that with 2 weeks to go. I don't really have a great concept of time yet. For 2 weeks I have been crying when I see pictures of Grandma, Dancing and yelling her name when someone knocks on the door, Getting upset when I see planes fly over and even when I can only hear the plane fly over our house! Mom says it is unbelievable... I'm not sure why? I was just excited that Grandma was coming! Yesterday Mom thought it was safe to tell me after I take my nap that we would go pick Grandma up... so I thought an early nap would work best. Around 10am (I only woke up at 9!) I went to my room and got my pillow and blanket, went and laid on the couch, got Mom's attention, pretended to yawn with arms outstretched, and said "Hannah tired Mommy." Mom and Dad think I am very smart... Grandma thinks it's hilarious!

This is me on the way to the airport to pick up Grandma. Dad couldn't believe it! I have a natural head tilt when I pose for pictures! ( Dad said those of you who knew Mom long ago would understand why this is a problem!) It must be genetic!

And of course the "Hannah's Got Talent" face! (Both Hannah Joy and I have perfected this pose in addition to stretching our mouth openings for the ability to fit more jelly beans in next Easter!)

And after picking Grandma up Mom asked what we should do next... I answered "I'd like to eat please," Grandma said "Head to Applebees (It's one of my favorites) and step on it!" Where I enjoyed lemons and grilled cheese! I'm so glad my Grandma is here! I sure Love her!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The fun of coloring easter eggs!

Above is the official 2008 Daurer Easter egg artist! (Pronounced Arteest!)

We lost a few eggs due to an above normal drop height, but by the end Hannah had the hang of gently placing the eggs in the cups!

Grandma Warcholek also sent an Easter egg painting kit. Hannah loves to paint so this was an extra big hit this year!

And the finished products! We give them an A++!

The not so thrilled about posing for a picture, Hannah... =) (She fell into a chair the other day during an intense game of hide-and-go-seek with John... explanation of the bruise on her right cheek)

And a not so exciting video, but interesting for those who want to see Hannah in action!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Never Before Caught on Film!

For those of you who know John, you know that he always plays with his ears! Especially when he is thinking. Well call it genetics and/or learned behavior but Hannah plays with her ears constantly as well! They both can do this weird thing where they tuck their ear inside of itself! And today I had the pleasure of catching it in photos!
Hannah awoke from her nap as usually and said "Mommy wook at ear!" I look and she had tucked it in like every time before except that it wasn't popping out! We laughed and looked in the mirror as I realized it wasn't going to pop out, so the next thing I did was grab the camera for proof! I should have turned it to video mode to show live coverage... Maybe next time! =)

Go ahead.... try it! You know you want to! Trust me it is a true authentic talent John and Hannah both have!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sparkly Whites!

Today Hannah went to her very first visit to the Dentist! We have spent the whole week pretending to be at the dentist and explaining what he would do. Even practicing on Elmo the whole way there. Overall I would say the visit was a success, only a few tears when it actually came time for the dentist to count her teeth, but they were quickly dried when she was able to play with Nemo again!
I took the above pic for all of the Treasure Valley moms and soon to be moms, so you have access to the phone number. The dentist was phenominal and all of the staff were very kind to Hannah. The best part is he offers a completely free visit to those 2yrs and under.

The play area is more than a play area! Hannah would have stayed here all day! It's the kind of play area they should have at adult doctor and dentist offices so the kids can play during the ridiculous waiting times!

A little game of water skiing... Showing no fear to the 4 year old next to her! =)

The above pic is an impression of the Nemo fish with teeth... Pretty good if you ask me!

Hannah really did a great job and is very excited about her new toothbrush and toothpaste. She was even able to pick 2 prizes out of the treasure chest and got a sugar free sucker! (Sneaky dentist!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Presenting.... Hannah!

Hannah loves to sing, and as parents we love to listen so we thought we'd share! She loves to sing about anything and everything... My favorite is the "Basketball" song! Imagine the smallest high pitched voice you can, singing.... "BaaaaaaaaaasketBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall" over and over! (We don't even watch, play, or see basketball anywhere, so we're not sure where it came from... still cute!) Oh yea, and the wall she is standing against in the video below is her singing wall. She runs to it whenever she is going to perform! Anyways... enjoy!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Like Father, like daughter

On their way!

Today is the day and there is a temporary blog up and running to keep everyone updated as the updates come in! There is a link to the baby pool that is up and running with a $50 prize! Please pray for strength throughout the day and an easy delivery for Danielle! Also pray for extra Grace for Hannah Joy as this will be the beginning to forever sharing her mom and some time away from Mom that she's not used to! Woo Hoo Strickland Family! Way to grow! : Direct Link to the Baby Pool