Sunday, December 23, 2007

It might just be a white Christmas!

Whoo Hoo! More snow! Hannah saw that it was snowing as she awoke from her nap today and couldn't wait to get outside! And she dove right in!

We also decided that it would be a great time to deliver all of the bread and cookies we made for our neighbors! Hannah did a great job giving without receiving anything in return!

Although she did receive a ride on Colby's sled while his dad pulled them with his 4-wheeler. We don't think she thought it was a fair trade though... If you could see her face in this picture you would realize she starting screaming as soon as she thought Colby's dad was taking her away from us!

Due to the current weather we decided Hannah should open her sled tonight... Many sources have told us that there isn't usually snow in Nampa, so we figured there was no reason to leave it wrapped any longer!

Now that is a "Ready for action" face!

Many circles were run in the backyard and Hannah remained a trooper even after having a couple of "dumping" episodes!

Yep that's right... circles right until Hannah got so hungry it wasn't fun anymore!

We're still not sure why Hannah wanted her pool, but when we filled it with snow she was upset and kept insiting on filling it with water... we think she may be interested in the Polar Bear Swim like Uncle Jeff! You two are nuts! Meet your new swimming partner!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We often wonder where Hannah...

got the ability and desire to climb. Going through our old pics... I realize we may encourage it more than we're aware of!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bear Paw = a part of the reason there is a Hannah

We just found out last night... Bear Paw Inn was devistated by a tornado this past summer. While thumbing through an issue of Paddler we found that our friend Brock's paddle company is becoming way successful! In the next few pages we read the place where we all basically spent the beginning years of our paddling was physically gone though completely alive in spirit. Why do I post this on Hannah's blog you ask? Well I figured we can't be the absolute last to find out about this so those who read this and were part of our lives when there was Bear Paw may also find out about it. We basically lived there on weekends and it is where we fell in love... Awwwwwwww!
Spent the evening reliving some of our past in Wisconsin and it truly was part of the trigger to the adventure side of us. It's funny as I (Christina) lay in bed crying over this magazine article... I realized how many great memories we have. Lately we have been working on the restoration of ourselves and not looking in the rearview mirror or focusing on bad things in the past. I guess as I leave the bad stuff behind I have left the good stuff too. I have recently been inspired to go through the 3 rubbermaid bins full of pictures we have. And now I'm more motivated than ever.
Although kayak adventures have become few and far in between it is a part of us that will never go away. We are just in the slow season now with an amazing 2yr old daughter, but eventually she will grow up and we will have an abundance of time to ourselves again...

Those who have never lived where tornados occur probably don't realize the true devastation they can bring. Most of the time there is no warning and you hope that as you hear the sirens go off and run to the basement or get in the bathtub covered in pillows if you have no basement... you hope the alarm sounding the sighting of the funnel cloud is truly that as you pray that the funnel cloud never touches down. It's one of those times that most who don't pray... pray! Tornados are something I don't miss at all...

As Jeff and Angie (J's brother and sis-n-law) build their vacation home in WI and John's parents are planning to retire there we had actually been talking how it would be great to visit Bear Paw and show Hannah where it all began... (We are becoming cheesy parents aren't we?!?!) As they rebuild and hope to reopen in April of 08 we realize we will be able to take her to a new and improved Bear Paw. Actually sounds fitting as we are new and improved Daurer's...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Youth group Christmas party!

For the NXT youth group we help out with, last night was our Christmas party! As you can tell from the pic above it was a pirate theme! Arrrrgh!

Hannah had no problem taking on the role of a pirate for the night... She actually did great with all of the costumes and had a blast!

She was really good at counting the loot and handing out the coins as the teams came through our stations on their amazing adventure scavenger hunt!

So it's next to impossible to get a picture of all the kids anymore... Eva was way gone and David was on his way out before I could snap the shot! You get the point though! Super cute pirates and David even got creative and dressed as a parrot!

Long late night parties = really tired pirate toddlers...

Do you think we should consider a toddler bed yet? =)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hannah Got Run Over By 6 Reindeer...

And we caught it on film! We have the six suspects pictured below. We're holding them in custody but rumor has it, an overweight man in a red suit with a beard is planning on busting them out on the Eve of Christmas! Please help us keep them in custody and call with any helpful information you may have on the wherebouts of this jolly old man. Please shield any young children or adults who still believe in Santa and his reindeer from the photos below... Some may find them disturbing.
Here's the information we have so far... Hannah got run over by 6 reindeer...Walking through the house on December 9th. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, but as for me and Poppa, we believe. She'd been drinkin' too much eggnog, and we'd begged her not to go. But she'd left her favorite doll, so she stumbled down the hall right past the door. We found her by the Christmas tree, at the scene of the crime, There were hoof prints on her forehead, and incriminating Claus marks on her back. Hannah got run over by a reindeer... Walking through the house December 9th. You can say there's no such thing as Santa, but as for me and Poppa, we believe.

Great news is (as you can see pictured above) the victim regained consciousness at the scene and is reported to be sleeping soundly tonight at home in her own bed. Below are the suspects... please take a close look as some witnesses claim 3 may have fled the scene, one had a bright red shiny nose.

Friday, December 07, 2007

How many ways can you eat snow?

Hannah loves to eat snow in any way, shape, or form. (She's already been warned about colored snow although I'm sure some extra reminders won't hurt!) She also loves playing in it which is why we made tracks in our backyard today in the first sticking snow of the season! (Other than in the middle of the night!)

Catching snow with her tongue seemed to take too long, so she decided to go with the "Pick up" technique for a while...

Then she became rather disturbed when she picked up snow that had bark in it... She was convinced it was "poo poo" and then went straight for the back door requesting a "bowl!" This way was much more effective in mass amounts of snow being consumed without too much work!

Sadie also enjoyed the snow today. She is a maniac in the snow! She drug around a branch from our Christmas tree forever and smelled like wet dog, sap, and pine when she came in... Crazy dog!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

2yr Stats...

This is how Hannah spent most of her day yesterday after her 2yr checkup and 4 shots... Ouch! She was very happy to have "pretty girl" bandaids as she calls them, but I think the sight of the bandaids alone made the pain worse so I was happy to take them off this morning during her bath.
Hannah is a happy, strong, growing 2 yr old! The doctor was shocked to find out that Hannah can recognize and label the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple, orange and purple are her favorite! (And we've started working on black and white now!) She was also excited to hear that Hannah is a great pretender (Hannah loves to play mommy and doctor) she is also using 3 and 4 word sentences at times. Some examples are "What Poppie doing?" "See I did it" "I got Sadie snake" "It mine Mommy" "What did you do?" "Look Mommy snowman!" And the list goes on... (If you ask her she can even spell cat!... this is a memorized function of course but still fun to shock people with! )

(Hey Ang... who does Hannah remind you of in this picture? Hint... she's watching tv and playing with her ear!) And here are her 2yr old stats: 25lbs She is now in the 50th percentile; 35in tall Still in the 90th percentile; and this is a new one... her BMI is 15.46 and that is in the 23rd percentile. Can you believe they now do a BMI on 2yrs olds!?!?!?? The doctor also said studies have shown if you double a childs height at 23months old that it will be their final adult height. We didn't measure Hannah exactly at 23months but we based on her current height we think she'll be somewhere around 5' 8"!

Here are the "Pretty girls" she was so proud of!

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Time to Celebrate!

And if your reading this... Your invited to come help us have fun this Sunday celebrating Hannah's 2nd Birthday! ~ 4pm @ our house! Let us know if you need directions! Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Dad and I decided we should get the Christmas lights up before it gets any colder! Mom couldn't find my gloves so she let me borrow hers... it was a little more difficult untangling the lights though!

Dad thinks I'm a pretty good helper. I wasn't happy when he went on the roof without me though.

So Dad let me help hang some on the roofline.

I think I'll be big enough next year to get up there with him! The house looks great! I'll take some pictures tonight and post them too. I am so excited cause now I have my own lights and I don't have to go to my neighbors house to see them anymore!