Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day Surprise!

 We've been planning a surprise trip for weeks now.  As far as the girls were concerned, "Grammie" couldn't make it for Christmas this year because she was just here at the end of October/beginning of November.  They were pretty bummed, but they knew we were going to Skype with her so she could watch them opening their gifts.  Little did they know that while we were coming down from our Christmas morning high, Grammie was up in the air on her way to Boise!  So I "went to the store really quick" and picked Grandma up from the airport! (It is so nice living less than 3 miles from the airport now!)  When I arrived home, Grandma stayed in the car for about 5 minutes or so while we set the girls up on the couch in front of the computer getting ready to Skype with her.  Then came the knock on the door... "Who could that be on Christmas Day?"  GRAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The excitement in our house could not be contained, even in the slightest!  I heard Hannah as she was talking to my Mom later that evening, "Grammie... out of ALL of my presents today, you were my favorite present!"  It was awesome!
 Even Sadie missed her Grandma!

 Since Christmas Day is the Birthday of Jesus, Uncle Greg, and Sadie, we decided to make a cake to celebrate!!  It sure was yummy and a great reminder for why we really celebrate Christmas!

 Sadie was HILARIOUS!  She truly adores Grandma and would not leave her side once she arrived.  Grammie could hardly sit up because Sadie was leaning into her full force wanting to make sure she was touching her with as much of her doggy body as possible!  It was too funny!  Grandma kept having to scoot over but it didn't do any good because Sadie just kept scooting over too! :)
 What a big day we had!  Grandma even took part in the fun!  Nerf guns... gotta love them!

Sadie Jane

Happy Birthday Sadie Jane!  This is where your life began!

Christmas Morning 2012!

 Christmas morning and my girls were awake at 6:20am!  Oh my goodness, we were not ready for that one! So we made them relax on the couch for a while as we prepared a yummy breakfast waiting for Taylor to wake up!  Taylor took a little while... 2hrs before she was willing to face Christmas morning so we opened up Grandpa and Grandma Daurer's gifts while we waited!  Then after Taylor woke up, Christmas morning was officially ready to start!  The girls were squealing with excitement!  (And yes I am aware that making Hannah, Aspen, and Brooke wait 2 hrs to open gifts was absolute torture...  but, when they are older I didn't want to have to explain to Taylor why she wasn't in any pictures this year!) 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

 Just as every other year, Christmas has seemed to sneak up on us quicker than expected! Life has been busy and there are times that "over the top" just isn't possible for us and we have decided that's ok! 
 Yep she's adorable!
  This year the kitchen wasn't flooded with 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies and 5 different kinds of breads...
 But it was full of gingerbread women created by the beautiful ladies pictured above!  Each one uniquely hand designed for the big man himself!  
 We spent the evening relaxed and stress free, simple decorations and simple fun with memories to last a lifetime.
 This Christmas Eve the twins are a little more in tune to the whole Santa deal!  Let me tell you, they have been on their best behavior and as we came around the corner tonight we found Aspen and Brooke set up and bunked on the coffee table ready to sleep by the lights of the tree!
Anticipation and excitement filled the house tonight!  Each girl proud of the special cookie she had made and each girl convinced they couldn't sleep even if they tried...
 Before we knew it, silence filled the house.  A moment that John and I have found is perfect to sit and just listen.... to nothing! :)  4 amazing little girls, 4 girls who could and do talk 24/7, 4 girls that are amazing and smart, 4 girls that are just too much for words some days, 4 girls that bring absolute Joy into our lives... and 4 girls that I would't trade for the world!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Service

 Every year at church the girls are in the play for the Christmas Eve service.  This year was no different than the rest...  They were spectacular!  And after all was said and done, they were able to visit with the big man himself!  Santa came to church that night and after watching all of the children performing their little hearts out, he patiently waited to hear the wishes of each and every one!
 Brooke hamming it up for the camera :)
 Hannah is such a beautiful singer and worked really hard to remember all of the words and motions this year!
Aspen and Brooke got separated and I think Aspen was a little distraught.  I'm not sure they actually expected to be on stage in front of SO many people either. :)  My little beauties.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Idaho Aquarium

 The Idaho Aquarium is a new attraction to the area so the girls and I decided to go check it out while John stayed at home with Taylor so she could take a nap!  Such a fun day!  So fun as a matter of fact, we bought ourselves a season pass (They were 50% off!) and will enjoy it the rest of the year too!
 90 % of the aquarium is hands on!  There are only a few attractions that you need to steer clear of, but the girls had a blast!  So neat!