Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preschool Graduation

 Hannah has been attending a phenomenal preschool program.  We have been nothing but impressed and cannot wait until the time comes that the twins can attend as well!  Over the last year Hannah has learned so much and has become SO independent.  It was such a blessing that my friend Debra referred us here!
 The end of the school year play was so sweet.  Each child had a speaking part and although I could barely hear Hannah, I knew it was a great accomplishment that she stood proud and confident while in front of hundreds of family members!

 Hannah can count from 1-10 in 10 different languages!  That's right!  10 different languages! Impressive right?

 Receiving her diploma!
 Hannah and Mrs.Harro
Gulp... Class of what!?!?  2024!  Oh my!

So proud of you Hannah Grace!  We are looking forward to watching you learn so much more along your Kindergarten adventure!