Thursday, September 28, 2006


Its quiet here. All the baby gates are open and I'm free to move about the house, but this place has a very different personality without my girls. I haven't had a light-and-sound toy sing the alphebet for me or tell me that it loves me in days. Its funny how well-accustomed one becomes to such bizarre things.
I walked into the nursery to take this picture and I realized how much I like it when Hannah Banana is standing at the rail waiting for me. (Don't worry... I'm not crying).
I'm flying out to join them tomorrow morning, so don't feel too bad for me! Sadie is a guest at Pet Paradise (Bend's finest pet resort!) and Mystic will get a big bowl of food and a big bowl of water (He kinda gets the short end of that stick, but he deserves it! Ha ha ha).
Next stop.. the Land of Lincoln.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Congrats Caleb and Ashley Brown!

Today we attended the wedding of Caleb and Ashley. Hannah watched the happy couple from the grass as she played throughout the ceremony. At some point she had obtained one of the rose petals and began to eat it. When I took it away she began to scream. So I did what any mother would do...I shoved the rose petal back in her mouth!
Here are Caleb and Ashley. An awesome day, awesome wedding, and awesome couple!

If you know Caleb, you know it wasn't unexpected that after the wedding he swept Ashley off her feet and ran up the aisle! Congrats! We love you guys!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 months already!

To celebrate Hannah's "Happy 10 months to you day" (It was yesterday) we took her to a local playground for the first time!
She loved to peek through all of the nooks and openings in the different play areas.

It's not so easy chasing a 10 month old around through areas that are made to fit those 4ft and under!

This is a scary looking dinosaur for a kids playground if you ask me!

Hannah would press her face against the bubbles and laugh. The playground a true success!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A day at Smith Rock

We decided to go hiking at Smith Rock on Sunday. It was unbelievably breathtaking! Check it out at

Here Hannah is helping dad get her pack ready. She loves to ride around.

Who said rididng on someone's back all day isn't hard work! It would make anyone thirsty!

A small pit stop to take care of some much needed business!

So many new things to see, Hannah just couldn't stay awake the whole time.

Even though the pack is fun, flying like a plane is better!

This is Monkey Face a popular rock face in the park. Can you see it? It really does look like a monkey. Smith rock has thousands of climbing routes throughout it, this being one of them. We spotted these 2 successful guys on top. Wow!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Bathtime!

Hannah loves bathtime! We take her in the bathroom and wait until the last second to take her diaper off, but sometimes we don't have the chance. When Hannah knows it's bathtime and you get her down to a diaper, she starts pulling the diaper to try and get it off quickly! Bathtime is nothing but smiles!

"Hey why'd we get out of the bath so soon? I've only been in it for 30 minutes!"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Exciting news!

Yes everyone it has happened again! We didn't want to break the news right away because we didn't want to send a false alarm, but here it comes...We are sleeping through the night again! It has been 9mo 24days and approx 14hrs since that last occured! For the last 5 nights Hannah has slept through the night! That's right folks, a full nights sleep for mom and dad! We don't know how do to that anymore. We find ourselves lying awake in bed at 4am unable to go back to sleep!

So with all this sleep Hannah and I have been super busy with all of the new found energy we have. We thought we'd share with you all we accomplished before noon today!

Hannah rocked on her snail!

We went shopping to check out all of the latest fashions!

We baked some brownies! Hannah was a huge help as you can see!

We got some exercise in.

We played dress up.
Hannah emptied her toybox over and over and over and over!
And that was only the beginning.......I didn't start taking pictures until about 10am! Think of all we got done before that! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa sleep! Below is Hannah crawling up the stairs on her way to nap time! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more sleep!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The eruption of Hannah's first tooth

Oh the joy of teething! We have now begun to experience this wonderful process that wakes you up every hour through the night. If you look real close you can see Hannah's tooth breaking through on the lower right side of Hannah's mouth! This is all new as of Monday!

This is Hannah's Happy Teething to you present. It's a snail rocker which she loves. She knew what to do the first time she sat on it in the middle of Costco. We just couldn't resist!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My first trip to Boise, ID

"How many hours did you say it takes to get to Boise? You have to be kidding me!"

This weekend we took our first of many trips to Boise, ID. Hannah was great! We went with 3 other couples and 3 other babies. Danny, Jamie, and David are moving to Nampa, ID at the end of the month so we wanted to go scout out their new hometown! It was an amazing weekend and Hannah just blossomed in her social skills!

I believe the rule "Anything goes" was created by desperate parents on road trips after the carseat law came into affect!

Hannah loves to dance to music now! We spent a lot of time dancing and blowing bubbles in the car.

Boy dancing sure makes you thirsty though!

Once we got to Boise David and Hannah got to sit next to each other and stay mostly entertained.

Hannah conquered two huge fears this weekend! Chris and Randy! Way to be brave Hannah!

"This thing is called a hammock or something....all I can say is I am stuck and not thrilled about it!"

"Here David and I got to jump on the trampoline! It was so much fun!" (Our pictures are a little bit blurry's because we were jumping so fast and so high!)

" This is my new friend Eva. Eva, David, and Sam are cousins. I am 9 days older than her. She loves to look at pictures like I do, so since we've only just met, she told me her life story through pictures."

Here's a picture of the crew. Again a difficult photo to obtain, but one of those flashing cameras must have gotten a good shot! (Eva with doggie, Hannah Grace with elephant, Hannah Joy with duck, Sam with monkey, and David with lion!)