Friday, October 30, 2009

It's incredible what can happen in 2 weeks!

Well since you've heard from us last Aspen has had her helmet sized and fitted. Minus a few growing pains and loss of hair, overall it is going very well! We can already see HUGE improvement and you will be able to see it in the pictures below! She is wearing it 23hours a day and during the 1hour off we wash her head or bathe her and then give her head as many kisses as possible until we put the helmet back on! The other thing is lots of tummy time. Since her helmet adds a lot of weight she is having trouble holding her head up with the helmet on so we are taking it slow!
I found a "Hannah photo shoot" in between all of my pictures and thought I'd share a few... Yep that's a picture of the greatest Husband, Father, and Man alive :)

Sadie licking her chops!

And Mystic taking a bath.... who knows, Hannah may just end up a photographer! She's pretty good for only being 3 on her way to 4!

So here is a side shot of Aspen... Only 2 short weeks ago the back of her head was entirely flat! Flat as a board to be exact! It is starting to round out very nicely!

And the girls having fun together on their tummies during the hour Aspen's helmet was off..

Here are the girls hanging out as Hannah and I get ready to bake cookies while John paints the playroom, they just woke up and Brooke looks like she is still asleep :)

Aspen is very serious about her toys!

SO excited!
Why not pose with the sprinkles? ;)
I am so grateful for a Husband who listens to my ideas and dreams, and then helps me bring them to reality! We are working really hard at having organization and order at the top of our lists! The office, located right off of the kitchen, is now turning into the playroom so that all of the girls toys have a home (With 3 there are a lot!). When the girls get old enough we will relocate it upstairs in the bonus room but for now we need them close to keep all 4 of our eyes on them!

A short period of instruction time...
and to work Hannah went!

Not exactly like the plan, but it works!

And of course (above Hannah's head) the room was tagged with an H!

We are coming up on 5 months old November 8th and we have NO clue where the time has gone! The girls are getting so big, cute, and chunky! A long way from 4lbs11oz and 5lbs1oz! They are incredibly happy babies and Hannah, John, and I are having so much fun with them. Twins are a challenge, at times we have no clue how we made it through the day especially when they wake up at 4am, but we are continuously blessed by them even at such a young age. We are excited to see what we learn from the both of them as we learn something new from Hannah everyday!

Brooke and Hannah
Hannah and Aspen
Girls girls everywhere, not a drop of blue around!
And here are some videos to enjoy!

We have the changing table right next to the window and the girls love to yell at the trees. Gigantic mobiles when the wind is blowing! So here is Aspen yelling at them!

Brooke has learned to blow bubbles and spit! Lovely! Her shirts are constantly soaked!

Aspen has learned that scooting with her helmet on is a piece of cake and we constantly find her on the other side of the room! She's definitely going to be the "scooter!"

Brooke has learned to roll from her tummy to her back and she will definitely be the "roller!" Oh no! Only 4+ months old and already mobile!

This last one is super cute! As the girls show more and more interest in food we let them gum on some carrots while we were eating lunch... they loved them! If we tried to take them out they threw little fits until we gave them back! You'll hear Brooke in the background start to cry as I let the carrot fall out of her mouth when I was taping Aspen... little Boogers! Maybe they'll be healthy little eaters! Starting off on the right foot for sure!

Monday, October 19, 2009

All in a hard day's work

Now that the twins are playing more these days, they actually love to go to bed. If they are upset and tired all we simply have to do is enter their room and calmness takes over. They are sleeping great in their own crib and generally wake up twice... Once around 2 or 2:30 am and again around 5am. Then they are up for good between 6:30 and 7am which is so hard, especially in the winter months since we haven't changed the clocks yet and it is pitch black when they wake up! The only comfort I get in such early risers is that they are ready for their first nap by 9am!
Their personalities continue to emerge and change all of the time and I'm sure they get sweeter by the day. It's not a coincidence that they are sleeping in the same position, we find the twin bond is stronger than we even imagined and more of a mystery now that we are exposed to it all of the time. The girls eat different amounts at different times yet they poop at the same time (sorry if that is too much info but it baffles us!). It's not as simple as they poop everyday at 12 (I wish it were). If one skips a day they both skip a day... if one poops at 9pm the other poops at 9pm... If it's 11am for one its 11am for the other... Who knows? Don't ask me? No wonder why they study twins so much! It's crazy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 months and a gorgeous October day!

We can barely believe it! The twins are four months old already and Hannah is on her way to 4years old next month! Where did the time go!?!? So here are the 4 month stats courtesy of John who braved 2 sets of 4 month immunizations and the flu vaccination for Hannah SOLO! What an incredible Dad!
Aspen: 13lbs 3oz, 23 inches long, head 16 1/4 inches
Brooke: 12lbs 4oz, 23 3/4 inches long, head 15 3/4 inches
They are growing way too fast! Just ask my back after lugging around these chunkers at the same time! ;)
The girls are progressing right on schedule and so far so good! They are laughing more, talking more, moving more, and challenging us way more than ever!

Today we hung out outside for over 2 hours without as much as one protest from any of the girls until we had to go inside! It was a gorgeous day and we took complete advantage of it!

The girls are more and more interested in toys... and weeping willow branches! These kept them occupied for almost an hour straight! Why do we buy toys from the store? We think Aspen was trying to see what she will look like if she ever grows any hair! Wow we have bald babies!
Brooke dove right in and begin to test it with all 5 senses! Including taste! Hmmmm? I wasn't brave enough to test it myself, but they seemed to enjoy it!

After running in the house to change, Hannah had camouflaged her sisters! They seemed to enjoy it as there was no crying involved! When all 3 are getting into mischief we will never be able to turn our heads! ;)

Hannah was the "shade tree" when we had the girls in the sun... she was very concerned about their heads burning! Note: Still playing with branches!

Sadie even joined in on the fun and she begged for the ball to be thrown!

Hannah took the pruned branches and turned her fort into the "jungle!" She had tons of fun!

Brooke and her drool...
Aspen :)

At some point they got a hold of a whole branch! (I think it was John!) But look at them... only 4 months old and they already know how to share! :) (I only felt bad when we came back in the house and Aspen's breath smelled like a freshly cut tree branch! Whoops!)

Crazy swing hair! Hannah loves to swing and does a great job at it!
Oh what fun! And what a great day!
Below are some random videos from today... enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Eta? Along with this picture was all John had to txt to me while I was at work in order for me to both get the picture and laugh aloud after the girls got home from their 4 month shots! Whoever said men can't multitask hasn't met John! What a great Dad!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cuteness and Aspens helmet fitting

This picture is a perfect example of how you should handle a cranky person... just keep smiling! :) From week 24 of my pregnancy when we watched Aspen kicking Brooke in the head on ultrasound we should have known Brooke would come out with the natural ability to remain happy regardless of the circumstances around her! Not saying Brooke doesn't have her "sad" moments, but it's so incredible to see how she handles life with such a positive attitude. Only 4 months old and we are learning so much from the both of them already!

While Aspen quietly napped, Brooke hung out with Sadie while she napped as well!

Grandma Pat is here for a visit and as you can see, she has had her hands full! We joke that she is going to go home to take a break!

Hannah sporting some of her favorite fall clothes as she gets ready for school. The weather has changed and I am sad to see summer and the long days go... but they will be back, and I will be awaiting their arrival!

Just a pic of the girls hanging out in one of their cribs... now to transition their sleep times to them!

We received the news Saturday that Aspen's helmet was approved and so today we went in for the fitting! In case we haven't made the story clear, Aspen's "Cranial Molding Helmet" is COMPLETELY cosmetic. The only concern we ever had was that Aspen's sutures may have closed to soon and constricted forward and back growth causing increased horizontal growth to her head (thus worsening the wideness of her head). There was never a risk for developmental delay or anything wrong with her head or brain or anything else. This has never been or never will be a serious condition. Aspen just got stuck in my pelvis for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and her head got wide! :) She should have to wear it around 3 months... give or take. So if you have any further questions or concerns please ask us!

Here's Brooke quite happy even though we had to wait an hour to get Aspen's fitting! Good thing they have toys for Hannah and good thing Hannah entertains her sisters so well!

Sucking on my finger was the only thing keeping Aspen happy as they put on "the sock" preparing Aspen for her scan. The whole fitting process is not long at all and the scan takes approx 2-3 seconds. They then send all of the info off and POOF! In 2 weeks we will have a custom fit helmet!

Silly, but still cute!

I was going to scan the scan, but I'm tired and the actual pics are cuter anyways! :)

Here's Aspen in the scanner... We had to take approx 6 scans before we got the right one because she kept smiling at the tech and kicking her legs while swinging her arms because she was so excited and happy!

After all was said and done all parties were tired and drooly and ready for a nap!

And nap Brooke did....

And nap Aspen did....
Until next time! :)