Monday, August 20, 2012

Another mosquito bite gone bad

 Poor Hannah...  I mean I'm glad she doesn't have a deadly allergy of any sort, but when this child gets mosquito bites... she swells up like you wouldn't believe!

 Unfortunately this time she got bit on her eyelid....  Unfortunately it looks like she got socked in the eye...  Fortunately she has a whole week until school starts... Unfortunately there is only a week until school starts and she is very concerned about her appearance for obvious reasons. :)

This is Hannah's "Let me look really pathetic look" haha!  Fortunately her mosquito bite swelling always goes down and whatever portion of her body has mutated... well it goes back to normal!  Lets just hope it's before next Monday! :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lifetime Friends

 Today we celebrate the birthday of a great friend Danny Schulz!  Danny and Jamie came into our lives early 2005!  They have been an amazing inspiration to us and it has been amazing to watch Hannah and David grow up as they were the original "babies!"  Now they are almost 7!  Crazy how time flies! But either way Happy Birthday Danny!  We love you guys a lot!
 Bahaha... I have no clue what was going on with Brook and Aspen...  It looks like they saw a spider or something!  I have to laugh at Hannah though because her latest fad is to try and sneak bunny ears into every picture. :)
 No party is complete without a merry go round that all of my girls LOVE!  Us Mom's literally had to put a stop to the spinning madness and help our children reorient themselves!  John and Chris were spinning maniacs!
Then we ended the day jumping!  I mean what kind of day is it without catching some major air!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Boise River

 We spend lots of time in the backyard with various water toys but today we decided to head to the icy cold river to beat the heat!

 We packed a picnic, some water guns, and the dog and jumped right in!

 The girls are growing so fast!  Brooke preferred to stay on shore and squirt everyone in the water!

 Aspen on the other hand, could have turned into an icicle and she would have stayed in!

Taylor enjoyed hanging out on shore with the occasional chilly dipping of the toes!

 Hannah is a huge fan of anything that involves keeping cool!  (I also thought this was a great pic of her new smile missing her two front teeth!)

 Sisters enjoying a snack

I still don't know how John stayed standing after spinning all three girls over and over and over! :)