Thursday, March 29, 2012

Warm Weather on the Way!

With warmer weather every day, John and Hannah decided to start the clean up process in the backyard to prepare for springs arrival!

There were a lot of sticks from our Willow tree.  Cannot wait to get rid of that thing!  But for now... we pick the sticks up... and then we pick them up again.. and again.. and again!

Life can never be all work and no play though!  That gets really old really fast!  So after some cleaning up I found John and Hannah outside shooting their bows!  Shooting is one of Hannah's favorite things to do!  And of course there are no complaints from this Dad of 4 girls! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Way to go Hannah!!!

Last week we received a letter in Hannah's backpack that read as follows:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Daurer,
We are very pleased to notify you that your child, Hannah Daurer has been selected for special recognition for the first trimester of the 2011-2012 school year.  You are invited to attend an awards presentation on Tuesday March 20 at 8:45am.  The character traits that we focus on at Reagan Elementary are
"Respectful, Reliable, and Responsible"
This is a special time for you to let your child know how proud you are of his/her accomplishments.  You may want to bring a camera for pictures!
Thank you for your great support and commitment to the best education possible for your child.  
Mrs.Stallones (Teacher) and Mr.Russell (Principal)

 All of the grades gathered into the gym for this special assembly.  Taylor was thrilled with all of the kids and action!  She had a constant stream of squeals trying to get their attention to smile at them!

 The twins just wanted to get down and play with the balls.  We had to have them on double lock down! :)

 Hannah was so proud when they called her name!  Then I think she got nervous as the gymnasium roared with applause....  She ran off the stage to get back to the place she was waiting, lol! 

 There were a few different awards handed out today.  Hannah was 1 of around 20  kids out of the entire school grades K-5 who received this award!  We are so very proud of her!!

 Daddy with his girls :)  Hannah was so excited her sisters got to come!  We were able to spend a few minutes with her before she went back to class.  She's such an amazing little girl!

Hannah Grace we are SO proud of you!  Your impact on this world has already begun!  Way to be an example and lead the way at such a young age!  We will never despise your youth....  Way to make a difference and be the shining light in your school.  You will do great things Banana...  things Mom and Dad can't even imagine!  We love you and your sisters so much and are so very proud of this accomplishment!