Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Kindergarten Graduate!

 It's official!  We have our first Kindergarten graduate of the Daurer household!  We are so proud of Hannah and all of her accomplishments this year!  (I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself making it through our first year of full days apart!)  Hannah has had nothing but good report cards this year and has grown well beyond what we could have imagined for her!  Hannah's 3 favorite things from school this year are reading, math, and experiments! 
 Today we were able to attend Hannah's Kindergarten program and we were so proud of all the kiddos!  It was obvious they worked really hard!  All 3 Kindergarten classes were involved so you can imagine all of the families that attended.  Hannah was brave enough to get up in front of everyone and say...  "We know that there are seven days in a week".  This accomplishment is huge for Hannah since she tends to favor her shy side in front of crowds.  They sang multiple songs and did a few dances.  It was all adorable, their teachers did a phenominal job!
 Big goofballs!  Aspen and Brooke were so excited to go to Hannah's school.  They always love to see their big sister.  They really enjoyed the performance too.
 Taylor loved all of the cheering and loud noises, she is always a fan of big crowd events!
 This is Hannah shaking her teachers hand as she received her certificate.
 Mrs. Stallones and Hannah. 
We could not have asked for a better teacher than Mrs. Stallones.  I'm sure there are a lot of great teachers in Hannah's future, but if I could have it my way...  I would ask that Mrs.Stallones move up each year with Hannah!  She has been such a blessing to our entire family.  I am in awe of her gift to be a Kindergarten teacher.  I'm sure she has some kind of secret super power.  She must since she is able to tolerate a room full of 5 and 6 year olds for almost 7hrs!   
 This is the room that Hannah has spent the year growing in.  We have been extremely blessed to have experienced such a great kickstart to many years of learning.  Hannah is such a smart girl, we know she will go far!  I'm not sure why we were so lucky to be chosen to be her Mom and Dad, but I couldn't be more grateful.  God knew what he was doing when he created Hannah.  She was put together exactly how she was supposed to be!  In my wildest dreams I don't think I can imagine the depths she will reach as she grows and continues to make an impact on this big world.  Many ripples have already begun from her hands in these very short 6 years of her life.  I am sure there are going to be many more to come.  Congratulations Hannah Grace!  First grade...  Hannah is on her way!
And to celebrate Hannah chose a banana split!  She has never eaten a banana split and to be honest we didn't think she would like it!  We live approximately 3miles from Dairy queen and she was FINISHED with that gigantic tub of ice cream by the time we got home!  We were shocked to say the least!  Congratulations Banana!  We are so proud of you!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roasting Marshmallows

With such wonderful weather we decided to have an impromptu marshmallow roasting prior to bed today!  We didn't have the ingredients for s'mores but there were no complaints while eating the golden delicious roasted marshmallows!

Mmmmmmmmmm! Yummy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse Fun

 So yesterday there was a Solar Eclipse.  Hannah actually told us about it on Saturday, she had learned about it in school!  So we headed outside with every trick in the book to try and capture it!  The clouds actually helped filter the bright light so we could catch glimpses of it!
 Cutie as usual!
"Supers!"  The twins have been in their super hero costumes for almost 8 days straight.  It is the first thing they talk about when they wake up and the last thing they cry about at night because we don't allow them to sleep in them!  I'm not even quite sure how John got them to wear normal dresses to church yesterday! :)
 Figuring out the exact time of the eclipse was a bit of a task, so the girls found some very creative ways to keep busy while we waited!
 And then it happened!  John had walked inside for a moment and then came running out with Taylor telling us that he could see crescent shaped moons everywhere!  You see, even though you can't look at the eclipse directly, we found all kinds of fun ways to see it in our shadows!  I'm not sure how or why, but during the eclipse, almost everything projects a crescent shaped shadow!  Can you see all of the little moons on the fence?  Just simply the leaves from our tree overlapping!
 It was a cloudy day, but the clouds actually helped diffuse the light so that I could capture a few partial pictures!  The lighting in the clouds and on the ground was pretty rad while it was going on!
 Can you see it tucked behind the clouds?
 John went inside and brought a mirror outside... do you see all of the moons from my criss crossed fingers in the reflection?
 Aspen and Brooke weren't sure what we were doing exactly, so they did the next best thing... make silly faces in the mirror!

 Hannah had so much fun experimenting with the shadows!  She is really excited to go back to school with pictures to show!

 It really was beautiful!
 Still blows my mind!  It was so crazy how the leaves projected little crescent moons!  Wild!

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then we got bored :)  So then buckets turned into hats, goldfish crackers turned into weapons, and we called it a day! Lol!
But not before we pretended our crescent shaped fingers were really long fingernails!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sitting Up Like a Big Girl Now!

 Taylor is growing by leaps and bounds right now!  It is so fun to watch her achieve various milestones!
 I don't know if flooding the kitchen during a bath counts as a milestone, but she sure is good at it!  I'm pretty sure it's almost time to evict her to the tub! 

 Look at those baby blues and bald head... just like her sisters!
 Taylor is so strong, so happy, and so proud to be sitting solo!  She still tumbles over so we don't go far, but I can't imagine we are too far from crawling and Taylor is motivated primarily by her big sisters!
 So excited to explore everything she can get her hands on!
 Big sister showing some love for baby Taylor! 
Such a sweet picture.  I love this one!