Thursday, January 29, 2009

To laugh or discipline?

That is the question when you come around the corner and find out your daughter has been practicing her H's on the dog with markers...

Honestly... If I'm busy sometimes I ignore the sounds I should be checking on and sometimes I'm ok that paint is all over the table instead of the paper, but today... We were drawing together and having fun on the dry erase board and all I simply did was go to the bathroom to put my contacts in and wash my face. 2-3minutes tops. Oh the damage that can be done in 2-3 minutes!

You can tell Sadie is not exactly thrilled with the new design, but tolerant as usual. Thank God she is such a great dog... seriously! So what answer did I choose?

In the end... to laugh! Hannah did get disciplined as I don't want Sadie to be her practice board through the entire alphabet! But seriously look at Sadie again... there is almost 15 H's written on her! How could you not laugh! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I can't complain... Hannah and I got to see the twins again today! But... I feel like I have done over 3million situps and am in the 9th month of my pregnancy, that was the reason for our visit today! Just wanted to make sure all of this abnormal stuff that popped up over the past 3 days was actually normal... for twins that is. All of my aches and pains were easily explained when my doctor said I am measuring at 25weeks right now! (I am still in my 16th week!) Sooooooooo... what that means... it should feel like I've done just about 3million situps since everything is growning double and at such a fast rate! Comforting to know... I think! So we got to bring home a couple of pics and will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks! I'm hoping to find out the sex then (if they cooperate) but if any of you want to know... you're gonna have to start working on John! He's still standing strong that he wants to wait! Crazy man!

Above is Baby A.. He/She is hanging out on the right side in my lower abdomen. Hannah and I got to see lots of kicks and even jumps! At some point he/she even had hiccups and Hannah laughed as she saw the baby bouncing around! The black circle that looks like it is in the belly of the baby is actually it's bladder... there was no fluid around the kidney's so that means the baby is already urinating which is great! The doc checked almost all out and everything looked great!

What is this above picture? Well that is Baby B, who was not willing to turn for the camera at all! So if you look closely you can see the spine on the top and follow around to the right to see the baby's head. He/She is facing down in this picture, you can follow the outline of the nose etc.. All checked out well for this baby too! For some reason the babies like the right side more than the left and this baby is currently sitting on top of Baby A and is already partly under my ribs which is why it was so difficult to get a good pic. The doc didn't want to have to break my ribs to do it.... I can appreciate that!

On Monday at work we snuck in the triage room and dopplered the babies heartrates which were both nice and stroong coming in at 138 and 153! It was lots of fun! So my next appointment is in exactly 2 weeks. We will do another ultrasound then in addition to the typical stuff. The one thing we are watching closely is the placenta. Today it was hard to confirm that they weren't sharing a placenta. There's a good possibility that both placentas are smooshed together, we're hoping to find out more in 2 weeks. If the babies were to share a placenta, it presents the risk of whats called "Twin to twin transfusion syndrome" and basically that means one twin takes all of the nutrients and fluid etc... while the other baby gets not so much causing problems with quite a bit of stuff. Right now the babies are growing at the same rate and both super strong. So far so good and chances are the placentas are just smooshed together! Anyways.. this has turned into a really long blog and it's time for lunch! Check out the survey to the upper right of the screen in the border and vote! I'm going to try and use it to encourage John to find out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Josiah!

This is my friend Josiah... and he is visiting all of the way from Africa! So we thought we should help him celebrate his first birthday and it was a blast! After that I went home and prepped for my second birthday party of the day! Belle who also turned one! (Mom forgot her camera for the second party... so Josiah's it is!)

He had a puppy birthday party complete with "pupcakes" and all! As you can see from the above picture he barely let any go to waste!

This is the picture that I (Hannah) took of Josiah... a nice close up don't you think?

And here is the whole gang! We are all getting so big aren't we? From left to right it's Hannah Joy with Ellie on her lap, David, Hudson, Josiah, Eva, and me Hannah Grace! What a great day today was.. I didn't even have to take a nap! (Although I have heard Mom and Dad talking about an early bedtime, boy I wish I could tell time!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

When do you actually freeze?

So the Midwest gets cold.... old woman dies frozen to the floor cold. Today looks to be one of those days. I actually feel a little guilty for waking up this morning saying I was freezing! To all of our family and friends in Illinois and Wisconsin... I do not envy you. Please accept this as your official invitation to come and visit us in Idaho and get away from it all! I mean with your temperatures ours must seem tropical huh?

Nampa, ID. 8:00am
Cloudy 28 degrees, Feels like 28 degrees

Channahon, IL. 9:00am (Where lots of family live)
Fair -14 degrees, Feels like -34 degrees
(Come on people can you even go outside without dying?)

Genoa, IL. 9:00am (More family...)
Fair -14 degrees, Feels like -35 degrees
(Channahon they have you beat!)

Tomahawk, WI. 9:00am
Sunny -14 degrees, Feels like -34 degrees
(How can it be SUNNY and that cold!)

Again... please come visit, it's 28 degrees here! We could go to the waterpark or something! We love you all and hope you do anything and everything to stay warm... And please get rid of this weather before we come visit in March!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First "Official" Haircut

Yes I know... Most people can post this prior to 3yrs old, but at 1yr old Hannah was still basically bald! So for the last 3yrs we have let her hair grow and grow and grow! With the exception of me throwing her up on the kitchen counter at the last minute before we head out the door and grabbing the dull kitchen scissors to chop off the hairs in her eyes.... Hannah has never had her hair cut!
So this past week we headed over to our good friends the Tristan's house (Mindy is amazing at the whole hair thing!) and after I got my own hair cut it was Hannah's turn! She was absolutely thrilled!

Even though we cut her hair you can tell there is still a lot there! Whatever she lacked at a year of age she has gained plus a ton more!

And you can tell by her wide open mouth it wasn't hard to get her to hold still with Peter Pan in the background.. she was hooked! So yea to the first haircut! With many more to come at the rate her hair grows!