Monday, May 28, 2007

Let the camping begin!

One picture says it all... Last night was a success! Hannah is sleeping in the tent! But since Hannah is so darn cute, we thought we'd include a couple more...

This is Hannah trying to escape her jammies! Who needs to get ready for sleep? We're playing in the tent!

Still not sleeping... Actually jumping on the air mattress, but on the downward spiral to complete exhaustion!

We're not quite sure what time Hannah actually fell asleep but as you can tell it was pretty dark out. After she crashed, she barely moved a muscle until 4:30am when I called it quits cause my nose was froze. Came in a checked 46degrees feels like 42degrees. Good Call! We can't be more excited that we had such a great "camping" experience in our backyard. Time to explore Idaho!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My weekend so far...

Today we went to the park and watched our parents fly a kite in a big field. It was a big kite that could almost lift you off the ground!

This is me trying to show Hannah Joy how to go the dangerous way to the slide. The stairs are just too boring for me.

This is us discussing how overprotective our parents are. It's so nice to talk to someone who understands me these days...

Sadie even wanted to join the fun! She went down the slide 4 or 5 times!

I love slides!

Yesterday Hannah Joy brought her Mom and Dad over to have a "practice" camping trip. Mom and Dad bought a new tent for their anniversary. They said their old tent was too small for the 3 of us since I can take up an entire queen size bed by myself! They said that they love to camp and want to start taking me but wanted to practice in the backyard first.

This is me and Dad hanging out after eating burgers and hot dogs. I love our new tent. It's lots of fun to play in and is huge! We are going to be great car campers!

Hannah Joy was really excited about the tent too! This is her walking!!! Yep I said walking! She was getting pretty good too... walking around... giving high 5' s to everyone.

Then Mom made some S'mores. They were delicious and very sticky!

Mom said we'd be sleeping in the tent so here I am practicing. Tonight is the big night though! Mom and Dad have their fingers crossed and we're going to sleep in the tent! (Mom says hopefully all night!) I'll let you know how it goes...



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

This is a post for my wonderful Mom and Dad. Without them I wouldn't be here today! Today is their 5th Wedding Anniversary! Yep I said 5th! (That's why I couldn't find a wedding photo to post. It was so long ago that their photographer didn't use digital photos! ) Mom did show me the photo album of their wedding. She had lots of good and funny memories. The picture posted above is on their 2nd wedding anniversary. They were living in Tacoma at the time and had dinner in the Space Needle to celebrate.

This is Mom and Dad just after their 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Yep that's them at my baby shower in Illinois! Mom hardly made it to Illinois. She said being pregnant with me kept her throwing up for way too long!

Here's Anniversary #4!! Back to Seattle to see Circ Du Sole while Grandma stayed with me in the hotel. Well tried to stay with me! Mom said I missed her so much that management at the Marriot keyed into the room because I was screaming so loud. They thought someone had left their baby in the room!! Then Mom and Dad showed me all of their favorite places they used to visit when they lived so close to Seattle. I even got to go to the top of the Space Needle!
So all we are missing are pictures from this years celebration! Those are on their way and I will try and post them by Tuesday when the weekend is complete! Mom says we are going to have a great weekend and I hope everyone else is having fun this Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Keeping Cool Part 2

We went to the local Farmers Market this morning and had lots of fun running around with balloons made by "Lollipop the Clown"

But after all that running we decided to cool off at the fountain downtown. Hannah had a blast splashing in all the puddles!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Keeping Cool!

It's been pretty warm here in Nampa so we've been finding creative ways to stay cool... Hannah got to experiment with the hose today.

And then it happened... Hannah figured out what happens when she looks down the barrel of the hose with her hand covering the opening... You get squirted in the face! Don't worry this look of breaking down quickly turned to a smile when she got to squirt Sadie! Summer fun! Can't wait till we get in the pool!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hannah's First Time at a Fun Center!

So we spent half the day with a lot of girls from the youth group just doing girl things. We started with a scavenger hunt, had a Lovely dinner, and finished off the evening with Boondocks fun center! It's amazing how at such a young age children can catch on to games so quickly. Here's Hannah playing wack-a-mole, loved it! She even hit quite a few!
This is Hannah insisting that she drive the Spidermobile. No matter what she tried he wouldn't budge...go figure! She even managed to squeeze in between his arms to try and sit on his lap.

Guns are bad.. don't worry we discussed it. This is one of the only times she actually picked up the gun... she was more interested in the wax pirate that talked in the scene you would shoot at. Hannah would yell gibberish at him... she truly thought he was talking to her!

Oh Hannah... This is Hannah throwing a fit because she couldn't get on the virtual rollercoaster. Good thing she loves the thrills! John will finally have an amusement park partner that doesn't get motion sick!

And here we are with the famous skee ball! It was just her size and she even won enough tickets from playing to get a really fun squishy ball at the prize table! Just look at her.. Gettin' the goal in sight... 50 baby!

Winding up... and she takes the throw... Looks like it might just bounce of the wall and make it in the 50...40...30? 10 is good! 10 is great! Go Hannah!

That's our girl... not willing to give up! "Hand over another one Mom... I'm sure I can get the 50 this time!"

Now below is where the fun really is! There is this crazy game where you have to do dance moves on a platform while watching the screen.. it looks like tons of fun but a lot of work! There were a lot of people who left the stage out of breath! Two of those being Lorelei and Trina! (Go Lorelei and Trina! They looked good!) But anyways... Hannah loved to watch people playing this game and would take over the platform anytime it was empty. At some point she had an audience of her own! But really... How could you not stare at the cutest thing in the world!

So by the end of our scavenger hunt, dinner and social time, then 3 hrs spent at Boondocks Hannah definitely needed to be carried to the car. We weren't too far from home, but thankfully some of the girls who rode with us helped entertain an overexhausted, teething, cranky little girl until she could get home and crash in her bed!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I took Grandma to the Zoo today!

This was a BIG tiger! I wouldn't want to mess with him!

This tiger was more my style.. Ride em' Hannah!

I love slides and can see them from a mile away! This is the big giraffe slide that I had no hesitation to try and conquer but mom wouldn't let me. I did get to ride on Mom's lap a bunch of times before Mom and Grandma dragged me away! I thought I was getting pretty good at this communication thing, but I think I need to practice more. No matter how many times I said "I slide...I slide...I slide..." while dramatically reaching for the slide as we walked away they didn't take me back. I'm gonna have to think of another way to get my point across!

This is a lizard that looks just like a snake. No way was I going to touch it though! It was a little too creepy for me!

I love Zoo Boise and will take anyone who comes to visit us! I'm pretty comfortable with the place now and I'm sure I can find the slide if you'd like to try it!

Here's a picture of me and Grandma.. I'm sitting on an elephant!

I don't remember what this thing was called but I'm pretty sure he could beat my cat Mystic in a fight! I loved watching him walk back and forth near the glass. I even got brave enough to touch the glass before we went on to see the monkeys!

I was much braver when it came to touching the turtle. Mom had to stop me from picking it up by it's shell! It was a very hard shell, I'm sure he would have been fine if I dropped him!

It was a warm day though! Around 84 degrees so even though all of the animals were really cool to look at and touch, my favorite thing was the sprinkler system! What a fun way to cool off! Everyone should go to the zoo! It's an amazing place and they have all kinds of cool pets! I told my mom that I want a tiger when I grow up!

But if you really want my opinion... I think I have two favorites! Grandma even took me on the carousel twice because I loved it so much! I heard Mom saying something about motion sickness? I guess we'll have to take Dad to the zoo next time so I can ride again!