Thursday, August 31, 2006

9 mo Stats

We took Hannah for her 9mo checkup today and here's the stats!
Weight 17lbs 13oz (25th %ile)
Height 28 3/4 in (90th %ile)
Head 41 1/4 cm (50th %ile)

Well we finally did it!

Yes we did it! Hannah got her ears pierced! We went to a local piercing studio this morning ( the link used to be here, but I found some not so tasteful things on it...sorry!) and it went great! Hannah was not thrilled as you can see above but nothing a trip to Applebee's couldn't fix. Afterward we had a celebration lunch with our good friend Tara who came along for another one of Hannah's great adventures!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Busy Weekend

We went to visit Sam and Hannah loves to look at him and grab his toes. When Sam was with mom Hannah would still crawl to the chair to look for him. Hannah really loves babies and little kids right now.

Here Hannah and Mystic are competing for some Mangos. I guess that is, Mystic is competing with Hannah for some Mangos! Hannah is just excited that Mystic is so close. She crawls her fastest when chasing Mystic!

When we hike Hannah drinks from our Camelbacks, so this picture only makes sense! Dad had gone running the night before and left the tubing dangling off the counter so Hannah decided to help herself to a drink!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Triple the Cuteness

Here is Hannah Joy, Hannah Grace, and Samuel. All in 3 very different stages of life right now. This was a difficult picture to capture but worth it! Aren't they all just so stinkin' cute!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy 9 months to me!

On Saturday Hannah turned 9 months old! 9 months??? How does time go so fast? She enjoyed a little of Dad's ice cream to celebrate. Hannah definetely has a sweet tooth! Wait a minute....can you have a sweet tooth when you don't have any teeth?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Earthworm Jim

After disturbing a creature of the dirt during some gardening we decided to give Hannah a nature lesson. After about 2 seconds of hesitation she was all about touching and testing the night crawler out. Step over boys...I think we have a fishergirl in the making!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Congrats Zack and Cambria Nutter!

I am proud to share my birthday with the brand new Nutter family (well my birthday...their anniversary)! John, Hannah, and I had such a great time at their beautiful wedding in Shevlin Park. Congrats guys! (John and Zack work together...helping each other to stay sane during the long work days!)

Here Hannah and Malakai (Zack and Cambria's son) share a taste of a hippopotamus while Zack and Cambria cut the cake. What's with all these boys and their beautiful blonde curly hair? Share some of it would you David and Malakai???

Where's Hannah?

Adversaries find a common ground

We believe our children will be friends one day and we found balloons is the way to make that happen! Well at least until a balloon pops when they are both looking at each other and they can never be in the same room again!?!?!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This Is A Blog-Jacking!

I would like to take this opportunity when Christina isn't looking to present photographic evidence that our daughter has hair!

I submit that I should no longer be held responsible for providing faulty "hair-genes" for my little girl.

Now, some scoffers may try to argue that this photo is not submissible evidence. They might argue that there is no proof that this is indeed Hannah Grace Daurer; they might try to bash the credibility of the photo by comparing it to photos of the sasquatch or UFO photos. Do not listen to them! This is my child.

This picture was taken shortly after a bath and there is hair everywhere; Woo-Hoo! Hooray Hair!