Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's backtrack a little!

So Grandma has been here a little over a week now. Hannah was beyond excited to pick Grandma up at the airport, and so were we!

And then we headed to Fudruckers to feed a very hungry bunch! They've recently opened in Meridian, we are used to them from Illinois. A great place to eat for a wide variety of burgers and such! We suggest you try it if you haven't!

Hannah loves to go out and eat new foods! (Well new forms of mac-n-cheese that is!) We are convinced she is on the search for the worlds best mac-n-cheese!

These pictures were totally Grandma's idea!

And none of us complained!

So after after spending some time resting when Grandma got here it was a week full of orientation for Christina. She fought to make it through a week of computers, machines, tests, lifting techniques, new equipment, hours in the same chair, and the list goes on! Survive she did, and is looking forward to patient care beginning this week!

So on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day we decided to do nothing but relax and have a picnic at the park with some of our friends.

This is Chris, Sara, and Elijah (who is oh so cute!) and they joined us for a great evening at the park. We didn't want to leave!

Hannah climbed her very first big tree!

And she was so very proud!

This is Hannah and Grandma getting ready to go on an adventure of their own! After a while we began to think that Grandma may have hitched a ride to the airport attempting to smuggle Hannah back to Illinois!

Adoring water... again!

I imagine this is near the art museum. The park we were at is centered in Zoo Boise, the art museum, the history museum (I think) a gigantic rose garden, it's next to the Boise river and there is so much to see and do!

Hannah making bronze friends!

And taking time to smell all of the different roses.

After seeing the pictures Grandma took I realize why they were gone so long! She really stopped to smell and admire every bush.

We learn so much from Hannah everyday. We are blessed to have her in our lives!

Believe it or not... Sadie was actually exhausted by the end of the day! We had such a great day yesterday!

And stayed a while too! This is Hannah and Grandma playing peek-a-boo from behind one of the many trees throughout the park. Hannah had requested we sleep there... sounded nice if we had a tent and it wasn't illegal! =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

We learned the hard way last time that telling Hannah Grandma was coming a little over a week before she got here... is a very bad idea! So as we await Grandma's arrival on Saturday we have kept it a secret until today! And even with the news today, just to be on the safe side, we made a countdown during craft time!

After every number Hannah would say "Go pick up Ampa now?" Countdowns are a little difficult to explain to a 2 1/2 year old!

But by the end both Hannah and I were very impressed with how well she is able to stay within the lines now! She loves to color and markers are her favorite! Since they are messy they only come out during special projects. I think she was trying to show me how she should be trusted with markers in the future, considering how clean she stayed throughout!

And then we hung the numbers and a picture of Hannah and Grandma on the door of the room that will be Grandma's for the next three weeks as I go through both the official hospital and unit orientation!

Ta Da!