Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who need's a Johnny when you have Jenny's?

These "Jenny jump ups" have been the best toy for encouraging the twins to interact with each other.  They think it is hilarious and will bounce for quite a while if Hannah is playing in the playroom!  Hmmmm...  Maybe the dishes will get done after all!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair or No Hair... the earrings make it obvious!

I know.. I know.. it looks awful but let me explain.. :)  One of my duties as a nurse is to hold very wiggly, very strong, very non-understanding, non-reasoning with infants and children during lumbar punctures.  This is a procedure where the doc puts a needle into the space in between the vertebrae in your spine, so important they don't move.  During this procedure they say that their success rate is 90% related to the holder and the position we are able to keep the kiddo in... no pressure there right?  Ha!  Anyways...  The way I see it, as I placed the ears of my twin daughters into the hands of persons that may pierce their necks for all I know, is that their success rate was going to be 90% related to the way I held them down.  It may seem a bit tense in the above pic, but trust me the girls didn't move a hair and we have 4 perfectly pierced ears after only 1 try!  Or technically 2 I suppose!   

Tonight during baths the girls were nothing but smiles and sparkles!  The girls cried approx 30 seconds after the piercing and so far not even a peep, even when touching their ears.  We had Hannah's ears pierced when she was 9 months old (You can check out that post here... Hannah's ear piercing ), so the girls are a little younger but everything went well!  And the earrings Dad picked out look great!  Brooke has purple ones.

And Aspen has pink! 

P.S. Someone else's toy is always better!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bronchiolitis... Heart shaped smores... and the End of Aspens helmet...

So sooner or later we run out of diseases right?  1-Croup  2-Bilateral ear infections 3-Pneumonia and for our 4th (and final I hope...) Dun.. dun.. nun.. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn.......... Bronchiolitis! Most likely RSV, but lets not even go there..  I think I would refuse the test just so we can't officially add it to the plague of 2010! 
So at home with albuterol nebulizer treatments until
A)They get better or B)They get worse.
I choose to believe in A!
Generally small kiddos get these treatments with a little dinosaur or fish mask..  That lasted approx 3 minutes until Brooke reached over and pulled back on Aspen's mask only to let it go and snap back on those big old cheeks!  So "However it gets in, is better than nothing!" has become my motto!  As you can see in the above pretty boring 1.5min video (don't watch till the end unless you're family or just want to see their cuteness, nothing exciting happens!)  Brooke likes to go for the "in the mouth" method and Aspen like to go for the "inhalation through laugh" method!  Either way neb treatments on twin has been just as challenging as trying to do almost anything in two's!  But we're going to keep on keepin' on and hope spring comes sooner than expected!

Warmer days are coming in closer and closer together.  I know it won't be long before I wonder why I wished for such heat!  Until then we will keep bundling up to get out of the stale air into the brisk fresh breeze to enjoy some time together.
Hannah wanted to roast marshmallows and we had just the one's leftover from Valentine's Day.  Heart shaped and all!  All of the girls love being outdoors... can't wait for summertime and camping!  Should be interesting with three running around!

Hannah was excited as she got to roast her own marshmallows this time!  Such a big girl!

And finally... the official end of Aspen's helmet.  The first picture is her final scan and the second picture is her first scan.  I know it looks like we cut the picture off in the first scan but we didn't... her head really was that flat!  What a huge improvement and we are so happy to be done!  Her head looks great and we actaully feel as though we have been freed from the helmet!  23hours a day back to ourselves!  Aspen sure is happy!  She is already closer to crawling as her load has lightened significantly!  Woo Hoo! To bare heads!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good solid sleep

It will come again, I know it!  The twins are only little for so long and there is, without a doubt, a full nights sleep somewhere out there!