Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teeth, teeth, and some winter after dinner fun!

Teeth, teeth, everywhere and lots of brushing to be done!  The twins have both began to impress us with their pearly whites, or white I should say!  And although I LOVE their gum filled smiles I am excited that they have hit this milestone.  It's kind of funny with twins as we are always checking to see who's tooth shows the most... as if it were a race or something!  Ha!

It takes a little more to see Brooke's beautiful tooth as she prefers to play with it using her tongue while attempting to suck on her lower gum...  leaving her in the most awkward position really,  she resembles a little old man who is trying his hardest to chew a tough piece of steak with only his gums!  It really is quite humorous! :)

Hannah has too many teeth to count these days and they are beautiful as well!  She does a great job of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash!  She's gonna be a great teeth brushing teacher when the twin's teeth actually come all of the way in!

Today was one of those days that we said "Enough is enough!"  Cold weather or not, the family is going outside!  Let's put dinner on hold and go have some fun!  And that is exactly what we did!

I think it's funny how Hannah stopped mid-climb to pose so adorably for this picture!  What a cutie!  Some much needed energy burn happened on this brisk winter evening and we suggest you do the same!   Bundle up and go outside, enjoy the fresh cool air as it feels so wonderful and it's incredible what 30minutes outside can do to a house full of children and adults with cabin fever!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big sister fun and big sister wannabes!

Once a month Hannah's preschool class goes on a field trip to a new and fun place.  They have gone everywhere from nature centers to kid fun center's like Planet Kid in Boise.  We have been beyond pleased with Hannah's class.  It is an amazing class and her teacher is phenominal.  It's a great break for Hannah from the craziness (and sometimes boringness) of home and her social skills have increased significantly! 

A little cutie who show's no fear jumping down from high places!  I can only imagine the bravery of her sisters as they look to her for guidance and follow in her footsteps!  Yes, we have our work cut out for us!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun!

We had some visitors this weekend and the time went entirely too fast!  We found ourselves staying up late and waking up early... well not too early of course, but early considering our late nights! :)  We were happy to see them come and sad to see them go, but we are all happier just from a short fix!  Jeff, Ang, and Jack were able to meet Aspen and Brooke for the first time.  Introductions were a hit and the girls loved them all.  Hannah was beyond excited for their visit and was more than willing to let them move in with us!  Jack will be living in Idaho before we know it (he loved Bogus Basin!) and that may be one way to see family more often! Ha!  Already looking forward to the next time we see them and have entirely too many pictures to post at once so enjoy the slide show!  Will post some videos a little later!  Enjoy and just know we miss you already!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A random week in our lives

Above is our little princess with tights, socks, and dress shoes who just couldn't tough out a nap time any longer.  John said the craziness of the house got a bit more quiet and when he looked up he found that he had lost one in somewhat of an akward position.  This with both Aspen and Brooke yelling and playing in the background.  Sometimes it's hard being the big sister!

UNO is the latest craze in our house and if this isn't a "Challenge!" game face.... I don't know what one is!  She may be small but she's hard to beat!  Feel free to come and try if you'd like!  We play so much that we are hearing UNO! in our sleep!

It appears that my girls will grow up and be little Einsteins if John has anything to do with it!  They look incredibly happy in this picture considering what is on TV!  (What in the world do you teach them on the days that I work?)  ;)

And again... Full bellies = Satisfied babies and Satisfied babies = Happy Mom and Dad!

We can't wait to spend this weekend with Jeff, Ang, and Jack!  Hannah is beyond thrilled and can barely stand the wait!  Don't worry, we'll post pics of that sooner rather than later!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I sometimes wonder about things that happen... the ones I never find out about!

I was spending some time cleaning up this evening when I asked Hannah to watch her sisters in the playroom for a while...  Upon my return to check on things I found that both Brooke and Aspen had grown hair!  Everyone was safe and sound (although the twins were confused!) and Hannah was quite proud of herself!  With good reason I do admit!  The girls look adorable :)  Then I pulled the pictures off of the camera onto the computer and found the pic below that was taken on a day I worked this past week...

Yep... your guess is as good as mine!  John is snowboarding with some friends tonight so I still have yet to hear a good explanation...  When I asked Hannah what they were doing she said "I don't know Mom.. Dad was on standing on the table upstairs and I took his picture..."  All I can say for now is hmmmmm...?

Just prior to this above picture the girls were beyond fussy as the day had ended and they could think of nothing but their bottles and bed.  So in order to get those things ready and not listen to them sobbing the entire time, I decided to assign Sadie to the job.  The twins love her and are beyond interested in anything she does.  She is a great dog and was still in the above position approx 15minutes after I assigned her to this post!  I was shocked when I came around the corner and saw her still sitting there!  And there were Aspen and Brooke as happy as could be kicking away!

So who, you may ask, is the most qualified to watch the girls these days?  If the answer is based soley on the above three pictures... I would have to say...  Sadie, Hannah, and then John.  :)  Our house is obviously not a boring one...  it's quite fun and full of life!  If you'd like to experience it...  one afternoon would give you a pretty good taste... obviously! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting bigger and figuring things out!

The girls are 7months now and growing way too fast!  It is hard to keep up with everything (as you can tell from my lack of blogging lately and my catching up all in 1 day! Make sure and check out the last 4 posts... they are all new all of the way back to Christmas Morning)

The girls are so strong and Hannah is such a great big sister!  Above you will find an everyday occurance...  The twins mesmorized by anything and everything Hannah does!  Below you will find a couple pics of Aspen...  Nowadays she thinks she is the funniest baby alive!  If you couldn't tell from her squinting eyes and oh so chubby cheeks, she loves to laugh with the same gorgeous blue eyes that she shares with both Hannah and Brooke!

In the next 4 pictures you will see that the girls are finding out just what each others limitations are!  Brooke decided to rough house with Aspen and Aspen was not thrilled!

But as you can see above when it was all over Brooke was quite pleased with herself!  (Don't worry Aspen has her moments of poking Brooke as well!)



And I'm not quite sure what we fed the girls this day, but Brooke must have eaten more because she was quite fiesty and showed Aspen absolutely no mercy!

Yes... that is an "I'm innocent" look... Oh Brooke!  We caught it all on film and we CAN tell you apart! ;)

After all of that tummy time and wrestling practice the girls were hungry yet again!  And let me tell you, they can eat!

...and spit!

This is the response we get when we ask Hannah to smile these days....  I suppose there are thousands of pictures of her at this point!

Two of the same, but oh so different.  Man are we blessed to have the 3 daughters we do.  They are incredible.

And I'll leave you with one of the cutest smiles ever to brighten your day!

Friends are a good thing!

Addy is approx 3 months older than the twins and a great example when it comes to crawling and mobileness (Is that a word?)  As you can see, it continues.... girls.. girls.. everywhere!  (At least Hannah is sporting some blue!)

Build a Bear and First trip to the mall

One of Hannah's gifts this Christmas was a Build a Bear and boy was she thrilled! Of course this meant a trip to the mall and we were definitely a site to see! Shopping takes SO much longer when you have such cute girls and the mall was no different! But we survived and made it home with yet another family member! Daisy is her name and she is such a quiet bear... we hardly even notice the addition! ;)