Sunday, May 22, 2011

A perfect day for some watermelon

 I don't know that I can even begin to describe how happy we are that spring/summer is finally here!  It has been a Loooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng winter and I am not even the least bit sad to see it go.    
 There are so many delicious fruits in season, we can barely get enough.  We are no strangers to the produce section at Costco.  (Yes we buy our fruit in bulk and none goes to waste.... we can barely make it through the toilet paper, but fruit has been another story!)
 And today we cut into our first watermelon of the season.  I know all 3 girls have eaten it before but I think when it has been an extended length of time since you've eaten a certain type of food, you feel as though you have discovered something new all over again!
 So this afternoon, we have all enjoyed our fair share of watermelon and I'm not sure the girls will be willing to eat anything else for dinner!

So again, farewell old man winter.  We are not sad to see you go.  We love our sun kissed cheeks, the soft grass between our toes, hours and hours outside (without the freezing of any small limbs or hours it takes to prepare in 90 layers of clothes), and today..... we love watermelon!  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Surrounded by books

 Hannah loves to read and is quickly on the path to reading on her own!  The twins love to be like their big sister and are frequently found quietly flipping through the many books they have pulled off of the shelf and put into a big pile by the front door.  Why they love to play in the floor by the front door you ask?  We have no clue... but whatever makes then happy right?  :)

Monday, May 09, 2011

An old friend gains new popularity!

 A great friend of ours came to visit this weekend.  Hannah has met him in the past but this was the first time the twins met him and Chris was a HUGE hit!
 John and Chris were able to go kayaking on Saturday and on Sunday Chris got dive into a crazy fun filled day with 3 girls and 2 grown men to care for them.  I think the girls won! ;)
 We didn't get many pictures of the weekend at all (it went by fast!) but it was so great to hang out with Chris again and hear about all of his adventures over the past couple of years!  Even though he was only here for 3 days, the girls were thrilled to have a new friend.  By the time he left, Chris had experienced countless high 5's and hugs for his Wii successes and I have to admit... did an incredible job diving right in to a full time "dad" position!  Who knows.... we might even brave a drive to Portland to visit him on his turf.... or maybe not! :)
After Chris left, the girls switched back to everyday life.  Playtime in the sandbox with snow boots, fleece jackets, and random hats.  Oh the joys of dressing yourself!  

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tag blankets

 Tag blankets have become a sacred item in our home.  The twins love them and they are very necessary for a peaceful nights sleep!  
 Only problem.... they are expensive.  Especially if you have to replace 2 x 2 times!  
 So I have decided to figure out how to make them so I can replace them on my own.  

 So me and my $50 black Friday sewing machine that John went and got for me at midnight (yes my husband loves me lots and is willing to stand in a LONG line and fight with little old woman in electric wheelchairs to make sure I get the sewing machine I want!  I love that man!) Anyways....  Me, my sewing machine, and eHow sat down and figured it all out!  (With a bunch of tips from my Mom who made their last sets of tag blankets!)

 Brooke LOVED the finished product and took right to it!
 Next on the list is a matching one for Aspen in pink!

 What cutie's!  
Look at all of that crazy hair!  And to think they have spent almost half of their life bald!  You would never know it from the gobs of hair they have now!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

With warm weather arriving.... not a moment of rest!

 We are the proud parents of 3 VERY active girls!  Not a moment of rest during the daylight hours, that's for sure!  As the weather warms and the girls continue to dig and play in the backyard dirt, we decided it's probably time for a sandbox!   
 A sandbox big enough for at least 3 of course!  John did not have lack of help in any way.  As a matter of fact... this is one time that I think he may have appreciated a little less help  :)
 Hannah is growing up so quickly and is so smart!  Her help was definitely welcomed and what a proud little girls she was when they completed the sandbox later in the day! 
 And what a patient father John is.  What could have taken him a few hours to complete solo, took at least half the day.  But memories were made and that is what counts most in the long run right?

 One of the onlookers.  Content to watch with her bowl of cantaloupe!
 And now for the best part...  SAND!

 You couldn't find 3 happier girls today.  The sandbox was a HUGE hit and I'm sure will continue to be!  (Not by my floors though!  Guess I'll need to upgrade the broom!) 

 Even Sadie had a blast spending the day outside.  Yay for warm weather!