Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wanna be just like Papi

A common theme around here lately is "I do it like Papi." Hannah's heart belongs to John more and more every day. He is her hero, her friend, the funniest man alive, the best story teller, and so much more! We are constantly redirecting the innocent mischief she gets into trying to be like the man she loves so very much. The picture below is the after what I actually walked into.... Hannah was standing on the seat of the toilet straddling the center going potty. Shocked as I turned the corner I yelled "Hannah! What are you doing!?!?!" To which she innocently replied "Going potty like Papi, Mom!" At that moment we had the talk. Why boys stand when they pee and why girls sit...

Then as I got ready for the day this morning, a new Hannah appeared in my bedroom door. She is now the proud new owner of a purple beard! Oh how important it is, to be aware at all times what we say and do. These little eyes and ears truly do hear and see everything! A young child so eager to be just like the people she loves so much..... It really brings a whole new meaning to that childhood song... "Oh be careful little eyes what you see... Oh be careful little ears what you hear... "

I think she looks good with or without a beard! =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Imagination Station

Here she is! The proud new owner of a violin! She imagined it up herself you know! Right out of today's craft! Hannah's imagination... something that becomes more defined and detailed with everyday that passes! It amazes me each and every time I am served the perfect cup of hot cocoa in bed... every time we eat lunch in the ocean... and even better than that, when Hannah has a baby in her belly (Elmo shoved under her shirt... and no I'm not pregnant, everyone else around us is or was and she just picked it up!) and she scolds it because I quote "Baby no kick me! It hurts!" We laugh and laugh sometimes at the things her imagination produces! Playtime just entered a whole other level now and it is so much fun!

Here she is showing me the proper holding technique. Apparently I was holding it too close to my cheek when I took a turn... that's when Hannah said "A buy-lin doesn't go on your face Mommy it goes like this!"

Here is Hannah demonstrating the fine tuned strings of her "Buy-lin"

And here is "Take Two" per Hannah's request. I think she wanted to try out another style with her new instrument!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These boots were made for hiking...

and that's just what we'll do! In preparation for a Hannah's first extended trip! Yep that's right... 5 days and 4 nights in the backcountry! We've been invited to help plan and attend our churches School of Excellence backcountry trip! (I am going to be the "Just in case anything bad happens Nurse") It will be like no extended trip I've ever experienced though! There will be horses and mules to carry our gear, luxurious and warm sleeping tents, and the best food we've ever eaten while camping! Well that is at least what we will have! I cannot say the same for the 39 School of Excellence students! I cannot reveal what they will and won't have (until after the trip!) but let me tell you, after being involved with the planning of the trip, I would not miss the ability to witness it for the world! John has to work and hasn't quite decided what feeling = jealous + sad that he can't go! It really is that good! If you don't know what SOE is check it out here... http://www.flc4me.com/Ministries/School+of+Excellence/default.aspx

So we bought Hannah her first pair of official hiking boots and are having a blast breaking them in. When she proudly brought them to John to show them off he said "Wow Hannah! We need to break those in!" as to which she replied... "No Papi! I don't want you break my boots!" We had a great laugh after that one!

Here is Hannah proudly displaying her bag of craft supplies she collected along the way during today's hike. Craft time has become a necessary daily event!

Jumping, jumping, jumping, is what Hannah likes to do best!

If Hannah has anything to do with it, She'll definitely have these boots worn (not broken) in by the trip!