Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's our turn again!

We're Expecting!!!!!!
(Are you sitting down for this one?)

(Should I say it again? We had to hear it at least 2 times before we started breathing again and at least 4 times before we believed it!)

I'll just say it again.... TWINS!

Yep... there they are! Baby 1 and Baby 2... Uno, dose... Two... Two... TWO!
It gets better than that... As of right now it appears they will be identical twins! I know, I know... don't ask me, I haven't a clue. It's still pretty early (somewhere around 7 1/2 - 8 weeks) so the doctor said we just may be missing the separating membrane at this point. He had to magnify the babies a ton to get the pics he did! I'll be back in a month and hopefully we'll find out then!

So this is Baby A and he/she had a great strong heartbeat already at 145 beats per minute!

And here is Baby B... he/she is just as strong coming in at 145 beats per minute as well!
We are beyond shocked, excited, speechless... the list goes on! So far everything looks great, but being so early along we could sure use some prayer that everything stays that way! With twins there are definitely a lot of different risks from single babies, but we believe this is no accident and everything will turn out just as it should! We can't believe it... TWINS!
I did a little research because I'm still being hit with huge waves of shock and the chances of having natural twins are 1.7%... the chances of natural identical twins are 0.4%! How did I fall into those statistics? The world may never know! Considering the pregnancy alone was a surprise for us (we were actually trying not to!) this comes as a greater surprise! TWINS!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today is the Day!

Hannah's actual 3rd Birthday! I can hardly believe it! Three! She's so smart and amazing!
Happy Birthday Hannah!
So this year we took Hannah to her favorite restaraunt! Red Robin! Every visit she patiently awaits the clapping of all of the staff to quickly stand up and watch as they sing Happy Birthday while delivering an ice cream sunday to the lucky table!
Little did she know that this time when she heard the clapping start and she stood up to watch the celebration that they came all the way over and landed right at our table!

The face she has above is the face she held the whole time they were singing! I don't think she took one breath during the whole song! Good thing she didn't pass out!

This is when everyone was clapping and the closest thing I caught to a smile before the crowd of singers left and she talked non-stop about how they came to our table this time!

She didn't hesitate to dig into the ice cream sunday as well! Stealing the cherry right off the top before we even had the chance!

She pulled the cherry out of her mouth so I could take a picture of it??

Grandma has been here for 2 weeks now and Hannah is having a blast. The house will be sad when she leaves! Anyone want to come visit to help take away the sting?

Now this is the proper way to eat an ice cream sunday! Happy Birthday Hannah!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


For Turning Three!
$$$ REWARD $$$
This Cowgirl is gathering up her favorite buckaroos to help her celebrate this Saturday November 8 @ 5pm. Location: The Daurer Ranch!
We want YOU to be there!
(Buckaroos wear your western wear if you have it!)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Are you willing to loose in order to win?

Alright so I know this is Hannah's blog, but I don't have one of my own so here comes the adult post! =)

Drum roll please....................................
I (Christina) who is 28yrs old and John who is 30 years old will vote for the very first time in our lives since we were legal. Some may say "Are you kidding me?" Nope... not at all. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I felt a tugging to even take part in this election. Call me crazy, but it's true.

There are some who have been following this election since it started and people like me who still haven't a clue what a democrat or republican is? But as I catch glimpses of the news casters predicting that Obama will win, I can't help but ask myself.... Am I willing to loose in order to win?
The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY without a doubt!

With only 2 weeks to make a decision I have not researched the hundreds of conflicts or different thing each candidate stands for. I went for what matters most to me. It took less than a heartbeat for me to decide who to vote for based on two simple paragraphs regarding the candidates reply when questioned about 1 moral issue in particular... Abortion.


The senator has a strong pro-life record and supports overturning Roe v. Wade. He is in favor of federal restrictions limiting abortion, as well as a constitutional amendment banning most abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or life-threatening risks to the mother. His selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who is also strongly pro-life, has energized value voters who may have been uncertain about McCain's pro-life commitment.
McCain Quote:
"I will be a pro-life President and this presidency will have pro-life policies. That's my commitment to you."
McCain says he believes life begins at the moment of conception.

The senator is a staunch supporter of abortion rights. He supports Roe v. Wade and would seek Supreme Court nominees who would uphold that law. He also favors insurance coverage and government funding for abortions. He has advocated instead working to reduce abortions nationally.
Quote: "I am in favor, for example of limits on late term abortions if there is an exception for the mother's health. From the perspective of those who are pro-life, I think they would consider that inadequate. And I respect their views. What I can do is say there are ways we can work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, so that we actually are reducing the sense that women are seeking out abortions."
Obama has said he does not know when human life begins, saying that the answer to that is "above my pay grade."

Let me tell you this people.... If taxes are increased... we'll survive. If Health care policies get worse... we'll survive. If immigration laws become more leniant or more strict... we'll survive. If the economy, or education, or social security all take a turn for the worse... WE WILL SURVIVE IT! But if Roe vs. Wade is continued to be supported and Supreme court nominees who would uphold that law would be sought out to be elected.... MILLIONS more will NOT survive.

Not a tough decision in my book. So am I willing to be on the loosing team tomorrow so that I will win? Yes. How will I win if McCain looses? Because I stood up for what I know is right. I attempted to make a difference, and even if it doesn't pay off.... I didn't just sit back and watch Obama get elected.

Point... Go vote tomorrow, especially if you are willing to loose in order to win. No pre-registration needed (I know because I decided to vote too late to register ahead of time) Just take you drivers license, proof of residency, and whatever else your state requires to the poll you are assigned to and walk away knowing you did your best to make a difference.

So McCain... Win or Loose tomorrow, you've got my vote.