Monday, November 18, 2013

Back at it!

It has been a while but here we are again! Fingers crossed and prayers sent! Let's see what's going on!


Back for routine labs and check up today!  After a few months filled with nose bleeds, tongue bleeds, chest/stomach pains, and even more healthy days than that, it will be good to confirm that Hannah's counts are still on track!   

So grateful for your continued support! We are excited about the caddies and gifts that are still being sent our way by those of you who are still keeping up with Hannah! Can't wait to pull Christmas caddies together for those kiddos who will be spending Christmas here instead of at home! Your gifts are priceless!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Your Great Name

Every fear has no place, at the sound of Your great name... The enemy, he has to leave at the sound of Your great name... All the weak find their strength, at the sound of Your great name... The sick are healed and the dead are raised, at the sound of Your great name... Jesus, worthy is the lamb that was slain for us.  You are high and lifted up.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Making Ripples...

Today Hannah had the incredible opportunity to share her story with a local news station KTVB!  The story is scheduled to air this Sunday at 10am!  For those of you who are not local, or will not be at home during that time, there will also be a link available on their website after it airs.  I will share that as soon as I have it!  It was a pretty exciting morning as Hannah was fitted with a mic and all eyes were on her!  We brought over 100 caddies to show and Hannah was even able to deliver some that day!  (For those of you still waiting on delivery of the contents you are donating, don't worry!  The rest of the caddies will be on hold until we receive all of the supplies.  They just wanted to have some exchanges for the story!)  Hannah was a rock star today!  She started of slow, but with each question her confidence grew!  I can't wait to see the story, I just know it is going to be incredible!  

Unexpectedly, both myself and one of our favorite child life specialists "Jen" were interviewed!  Definitely grateful for the opportunity, but as I sit here this afternoon thinking of what I "should have" said... I decided I would share a small portion with you.   

I don't remember the exact question Maggie O'Mara asked, but it was along the lines of "Are you proud of Hannah?"  or "So Hannah loves to give to others?"  Anyhow... I answered the best I could at the time, but if I could go back and answer it again this is what I would have said...

I am SO proud of Hannah.  As a matter of fact, I am proud beyond measure.  I look at my little girl who stands there and I see a giant.  She has absolutely no idea of the impact she has made on this world already.  In a world that carries so many challenges, Hannah is making a difference doing something that we all should strive to do... loving others. 

You see, Hannah has the kind of heart that the world works everyday to destroy.  In today's world, we are told that we should fight to be the best we can be... despite who we hurt along the way.  In today's world, we are told that we should love others... unless that person offends you, then you should never talk to them and do your best to make them pay for that offense.  In today's world, we are told that how successful you become is based on how you look... I'm not sure about you, but I know some pretty successful people who appear to be beautiful,  but become more ugly with every word spoken.  In today's world we are taught that life isn't easy... but when the storm hits, do you run to help others or do you try and save yourself in a half empty boat watching those around you drown?

Our world is selfish.  Plain and simple.  And it is teaching our kids to be selfish....  as a matter of fact, it is doing an amazing job teaching our kids to be selfish.  That is not OK.  Some may think it is not a big deal, but it is.  When you find you find your child acting "ugly,"  you need to fight for them as if you were fighting for their life.  The easiest way I have found to fight... is to teach.  You can tell them something and hope they listen, or you can show them...  they are much more likely to follow than to listen.

There is a guy who "lives" in the general area and carries a sign that says... "I'll just be honest, I need a beer."  I'm not asking you to go hand your paycheck over to him.  What I am asking is that you pay attention to your surroundings, that you walk with your eyes looking forward instead of at your feet.  The next time you listen to a co-workers story, I challenge you to search for clues!  If they mention a favorite candy, or tell you about something they have wanted for SO long...  maybe you have heard them talk about something that has been broken forever, yet it is a simple fix.  Maybe they have a favorite pen, or they mention an upcoming birthday... make a mental note... write it down... do whatever it takes to remember it.  Then the next time you are at the store, pick up that bag of M&M's they were craving and anonymously leave it on their desk...  maybe it's something bigger.  Maybe their "want" costs a whole $20.  Now I know what you are thinking here...  an anonymous $20 gift!  I work hard for my money!!!!  We all do, the point is not the money.

We have become so selfish that we are willing to spend $10 for a less than satisfying meal, yet the thought of spending a random $10 on someone that may never return the favor... well the very thought of that causes us to spend the money at McDonald's instead.  You see, McDonald's will do nothing but change your waist size... it's in... it's out... there went your $10... literally down the toilet.  On the flip side, do you think it takes more than that to change the world?  Sometimes...  but other times it takes less.  A lot of times changing the world isn't even a result of money but that of a smile, or a kind word.  Sometimes it's a small note that took a whole 30 seconds to write telling someone how much you appreciate them.

For some of you, you have read that previous paragraph and thought... "Pfffttt.... no problem.  I'll do that tomorrow."  Let me guess, the person who popped up in your mind is someone you like. I have a bigger challenge for you...

That person two cubicles down who does something irritating every minute of every day, or the one who always takes up two parking spaces, that other person who did wrong to you, the one that said something bad about you or spread a rumor... or that person who irritates you, for even being alive...  Spend some time to look and listen for their clues...  find out something good that you can do for them.  It can be something small, but just do it.  You may not change who they are, or change their attitude or hate....  but I guarantee they will never forget it.  I also guarantee you will be changed.  They are not worth anger or energy it takes to be angry at them.  So sneak a little something their way and watch as you have a better day or week at work!

I don't know the exact equation to changing the world, but I am confident that it doesn't take much.  We have become so wrapped up in the fact that "it's too hard" or "I don't have the money..." "I don't have the time..." "I am the one struggling here!  Someone needs to help me!..."  that we have forgotten the very basics that can make a difference that will make an impact so great, we will never know the true effect it had!  The very basic concepts to life have so much more value than any monetary gift.  A smile, a kind word... a helping hand....  I am telling you, step out of your comfort zone and do something for someone...

Hannah has a heart that loves, Hannah has a heart that cares, Hannah has a heart that hurts....  Hannah has a heart that she trusts and believes in...  and as her Mom, I need to have a heart that does the same.  Hannah is an amazing little girl... and even though she is incredibly special, there is nothing more special about her that allows her to be this way.  It is in you too...  You just have to shut out the strangling voices of the world and listen to your heart.  This is definitely easier said than done.  There are some of you out there that have been hurt so bad, or actually believe that you could never do anything good for anyone else.  I guarantee you can.  There is someone out there that needs your good.  Your mind and heart work in a way that will touch someone who needs what only you have to offer.  It's there, you may have to work to find it, but it's there.

So take a chance...  try it... make some ripples...  make a difference...
You will be amazed at what will happen.  I guarantee it.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Raging Success Doesn't Even Come Close!

To date Hannah's Dream 2 has raised over $2,000 in gifts/funds! It is almost UNBELIEVABLE! Your response has been amazing!

A couple of things coming up... On September 4th KTVB is going to feature Hannah and ALL of your caddies/donations in a story! So stay tuned for more details and when that story will air!

Second... Hannah's Dream 2 is compiling a team to participate in the FitOne 5K being held in Boise on Sept 21st!  We would love to have you join our team instead of doing it alone!

If you are interested in joining our team, you can join directly through this link and will be entered into a raffle for some amazing gifts! (see photo album): 

*Be sure that you are registering under “Hannah’s Dream 2” team by clicking the green button under the picture.  If you use the promo code: MAXWELL you can receive $7 off of your registration! (Prices will go up after September 1)

We never could have done any of this without any of you and you are all just as responsible for this incredible donation as we are! Thank you just isn't enough!