Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting off the new year clean

 Taylor love... love... LOVES bath time.  I think she is programmed as a woman already and is ready to soak in a hot tub any time of the day!  I had to laugh as I looked back through the sequence of photos I took because I caught just about every facial expression she has! :)  






New Years Eve

 Little beauty soaking in the warm sun.  One of her favorite things to do!

 Posing with the bear that Hannah made for her when she was born.

 We had a wonderful celebration this year, that ended promptly at 8:30pm.  Gotta love it when your kiddos still can't tell time.  No trickery required.  Just the fact that it was very dark out was proof enough that it was SO late! :)
 The girls really enjoyed drinking sparkling cider.  They drink water 80% of the time so it was a nice treat! :)
 Our 3 beauties.  Hannah got everyone dressed and set the table for their special dinner.

Ended the night with a bang and party poppers! (That Aspen ran and hid from!)  Happy New Year!  2012, we are ready for you!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glide Bikes

 Hannah's glide bike was such a success, we decided that there was no other way to go with the twins.  So for Christmas they received matching bikes a size down from their big sisters!

 Even though it is only 2 days after Christmas, we have had some pretty mild weather.  We decided to hit the greenbelt and test them out!

Hannah had no problem jumping back on after her major fall at the end of our warm weather, and was very excited to show her sisters just how it is done!  Aspen and Brooke dove right in without hesitation.  It brought joy to us as parents to see the girls truly enjoying themselves!  I know that it will be no time before we are forced to run in order to keep up with all of them! :)

Here is a little video that shows them in action!

Monday, December 26, 2011

2 months old already!

 These first two months have flown by.  It feels like Taylor is only 2 days old!  I'm sure we just brought her home from the hospital!  
Taylor received her 2nd set of immunizations today, and she did so well!  She is growing so quickly although it looks like she has picked up the "Coots" height genes!!  Taylor's current measurements are... 
Weight:10lbs 5oz (30th %) Head: 15in (10th%) and Length 22 3/4in (1.87%).  Yes you read that correctly!  Taylor is only taller than 1.87% of other infants her age!  Hannah, Aspen, and Brooke have all been 95% or greater for their height!  Now we have a peanut and one that I think might have trouble matching my 
5ft 6 inches!  :)  Short or Tall we obviously love her a lot!  I imagine she is going to be short like Grandma Pat and Auntie Sue!!!  Below are some random pics we took today, including some of her silly expressions.  Taylor is full of smiles and has no trouble keeping up with her sisters verbally.  She is exploring all the ranges of her voice and they are all so sweet!  Taylor is an INCREDIBLE sleeper, consistently giving me a straight 6-8hrs of sleep every night!  Our dog Sadie wakes John up more than Taylor wakes me!  I LOVE a baby that sleeps!  It is SO wonderful!  Thank you Taylor!  We love you sweet girl!  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Service 2011

Family Life Church has been home to us for over 5 years now.  Every Christmas they put on a children's play that tells the story of the true meaning of Christmas.  Jesus!  All 3 girls have been working very hard to learn their songs and motions to the songs.  As parents we are looking forward to seeing our precious girls in the spotlight!  They are all so sweet!  It will be no time before Taylor is old enough to join them!
Until then... she sleeps! :)  Taylor slept through the whole play which allowed both John and I to enjoy it in it's entirety!  And enjoy it we did!
Our precious sweet angel.  (Top right)
Hannah sung her little heart out.  During rehearsal she was a bit hesitant, but come showtime and she did not hold back at all!  Hannah's confidence is building everyday and it is an absolute blessing to watch her blossom and grow into an amazing little girl! 

Aspen and Brook were sheep this year.  It is always interesting to watch as the 2yr old come up on stage.  Some freeze up... some cry... some sing...  Our 2yr olds, they brought a little comic relief to the program.  You see, they glued cotton balls to their shirts.  As the girls walked up onto the stage a few fell off.  This prompted Brooke to clean them up, walk down the stairs to hand them to one of the leaders.  Then Aspen realized the cotton balls would come off if you pulled.  So Aspen pulled them off one by one and handed them to the Shepherd sitting next to her.  The whole church was laughing as from our standpoint it was the sweetest thing.  After the service was over, our Pastor asked me if I could believe the twins were old enough to be up on stage stealing the show?  And I cannot!  All of our girls are growing up so quickly!

Below is a little video of the twins and their "comic relief"  :)

After a long night, it was difficult to get everyone to cooperate for a picture, but they all looked so beautiful!  We have been beyond blessed with 4 of the most precious and amazing little girls!

Will melt a mother's heart to capture the love between sisters.  I love all of my girls and wouldn't trade them for anything....  especially a boy! :)