Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family Fun

 So we don't do much on Halloween, but the girls dress up and we like to hand out as much candy as possible!  This year only 5 kids came to the house.... the same 5 kids that stand at the bus stop everyday lol :)  So instead we took advantage of this mild day and spent it outside having fun.
 We decided that starting a fire would be nice so Taylor got confined to the stroller...  Like always she was happy and went with the flow!
 Somtimes I wonder if we actually parents 4 little girls, or 4 little monkeys! :)  The girls love to climb all of the trees in our new backyard.
 The girls were using the logs to build various things this time it was a bridge for some sticks that turned into people. :)
 John and Aspen were working hard to finish the floor in the shed.  It always helps to have a 3yr old read the measurments to you!
 It started to get dark and a little cooler outside.  The girls love watching John work, but even though they admire him so...  their attention spans have limits. :)
 So we went inside to make slime instead!
And the girls had a TON of ooey gooey slimy fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun

 We have been enjoying this very mild fall weather!  I am not complaining at ALL!  I don't mind snow.... if I can drive to it in about 30minutes.  I'd rather bake in the sunshine year round!  So today we decided to head to the park and jump in the leaves!  Taylor wasn't so sure about it all, but fun was had and memories were made!  The truly important things in life!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hannah's First 5K!

 Hannah has been showing an increased interest in running.  Now that she takes part in a regular P.E. class she comes home excited about the days they run and race.  I recently heard about a fun run/walk 5K coming to Boise called The Color Run.  It looked like a blast so Hannah and I decided to sign up for it!
 The only rule of the race is that you have to wear a white shirt...  Otherwise all they suggest is that you HAVE FUN and GET COLORFUL!

 Pink was the first color we hit and I don't think Hannah and I were quite prepared for the cloud of color that we were about to enter lol!  As soon as we got through Hannah shouted "Let's run to the next color!"  She was stoked and it was SO much fun to experience her genuine excitement!
 And let me tell you... this girl can run! 
 By yellow and orange Hannah was requesting to roll on the ground like some of the other crazy people there!  Of course I let her, how could I say no!? :)
 John, my Mom, and the girls were waiting for us in the blue section!  They were having so much fun and by the end all of us were blowing blue out of our noses!

 This is one happy color runner!
At registration everyone gets a packet of color and at the finish line they do a countdown when everyone throws their colors up at the same time!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  We didn't take Taylor in because you are literally surrounded by clouds of thick color, but the other three girls were laughing so hard with all of the colorful rain!  We will be back next year and Hannah is already requesting that her sisters run it with us!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Packages!

 Hannah has been loosing a lot of teeth lately!  So many teeth that Grandma and Grandpa Daurer decided to send a special package to help her out!

 There were all kind of yummy treats involved!  And they all had one thing in common... you don't need teeth to eat any of them lol!
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Daurer!  The biggest hit were the perfect set of pearly whites!  No teeth missing here!

Happy 1st Birthday Taylor Joy!

Where to even begin little girl.  You are one of the most incredible persons we have met.  Your personality lights up a room and your gigantic heart is full of love for everyone you meet.  Your days are full of hugs and kisses, even tears when you see your sisters get hurt or disciplined.  You have a compassion for others that is so strong is shines through you at 1year old!  You are learning so much from your sisters and you are so smart!  You are quiet and patient and a lot wiser than you should be at this age.  You are challenging.  Out of 4 young climbers, you are the only one who has made it on top of the tv cabinet.  You are a problem solver, we watch you sometimes as you sit down and work on something until you accomplish it.  You love to try new things, but you do it with caution.  You love to be outside, you love to go on drives, and you love for your Dad to carry you around.  You see, you are still measuring out somewhere in between the 20 and 30th percentile for height.  We figure you might just have short legs like me...  your Dad is tall and you like to be up high with him to observe as much of the world as possible.  Just like Hannah, Aspen, and Brooke it is obvious you are destined to do some amazing things in your lifetime.  You were created for something special Taylor Joy.  We are so proud to be your parents.  So blessed to call you our own.  If you can accomplish this much in one year, I cannot even imagine what you will accomplish in a lifetime.  Simply amazing.  We love you baby girl.  Happy Birthday "Tater"!   

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some more clean teeth and no cavities again!

 Brooke so excited to get her xrays!  As soon as they watched Hannah get hers, both Aspen and Brooke wanted to do the same! :)
 Not very hard to be patient at the dentist when you can lay back and watch Toy Story 3!
And the dentist had nothing but good news!  No cavities for any of the girls and he complimented them all on the good job they are doing brushing.  He said their teeth and gums look phenominal!  So here's to another 6months of healthy teeth!
Despite how many Hannah might be missing right now lol!  And you wouldn't believe it, but all 4 incisors are loose right now!  She better hurry up and grow some teeth back before she looses those or she is going to end up looking like Taylor with her two bottom teeth only! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bowling Fun

 Decide to head out for a fun night of bowling and we had a blast!

Ah yes... Aspen will one day love the fact that she decided to be silly when I requested a smile and instead shove two fingers up her nose!  Booger head!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall with Grandma

 Grandma showed up just in time to enjoy all of the trees changing into their beautiful fall wardrobes.
 With the mild weather so far we tried to take as many after dinner walks and hikes as possible to enjoy the beauty.
 But sometimes the hustle and bustle of our crazy life gets the best of the best!  But we love Grandma lots and want her to get her beauty rest so we can enjoy the fast paced time we have with her!
 We also spent a couple of days in the foothills exploring!

And found this little oasis amongst the dry grasses!  What fun times spent with Grandma this fall!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet sleeping girl

 Aspen and Brooke have stopped napping long ago, but every once in a while the days activities force them into an afternoon slumber.  Among the hustle and bustle of today's activities... in the middle of Taylor screaming because she was tired too, I walked into the living room and found our little Spidergirl asleep with her avengers book.
 You see Aspen LOVES super hero anything.  Her favorite is Spiderman but she really finds enjoyment in anything super.  We think it is adorable.  There is nothing like a little 3 foot blonde girl with a spiderman shirt, pink pants, and black sparkly boots shooting a web at you as she sumersaults through the living room. :)
 Rest and sleep are both two precious commodeties around here.  I love to watch my girls when they are so.... peaceful!
It was sweet to watch Brooke as she stumbled upon Aspen asleep.  She immediately left the room and returned with a blanket to cover her big sister.  And sleep away the afternoon she did. :)