Sunday, December 13, 2009

An early Christmas, Cookies, and Snow!

Another one of Grandma Pat's visits has come to an end, but not before we had an early Christmas! The morning started off with a yummy breakfast!
Then came presents! The twins actually did a pretty good job. They love to crinkle and eat paper right now so tearing wrapping paper off of their presents wasn't a much harder task!

Grandma was just as excited to see what she got from the girls :)

Puzzles and board games are a couple of Hannah's favorite things to do!
Now if this isn't someone ready to make cookies I don't know who is! Thanks Aunt Lis for the perfect Christmas Cookie making apron! (Although Hannah was completely sad when she got flour on it! Had to explain it's purpose a couple of times!)
This is Hannah trying to act as though she didn't just eat some dough! The evidence is on your cheek booger!

Later on that night Grandma and Hannah made a huge batch of sugar cookies... nice hat Grandma!

It helps when you bite your lip.... try it! ;)
And then came more snow! Nothing like helping Dad clean the driveway! (Or throwing snow on him while he cleans the driveway!)

Dad's shovel is bigger Hannah! You better be able to run fast in those snow boots!
And of course you can't shovel without Sadie's help! She constantly runs back and forth across the driveway the entire time just for that last thrust of the shovel full of snow! What a fun dog!

And this was a photo op gone completely wrong! Leave it to sweet Aspen to enjoy it though! Brooke was not even almost convinced and Hannah was a willing participant until John accidentally dropped snow on her eye when he stood up... oh well! Maybe next time! Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season, I know we are! Now on to the next task... laundry.... humph... maybe we should go back out in the snow!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas is coming! It is.. it is!

And wow have we been busy! The girls went to visit Santa and of course we end up with the hilarious picture above. Hannah looks like my cousins 13yr old son did when he stood in the Santa picture this year "Just to make Mom happy!" :) Well Hannah's truth is that she was pretty sure she got the short end of the stick... Excited to meet Santa and tell him about her very short list which consists of a game called "Pop the pig" (which is grossly ridiculous, as the point of the game is you feed the pig till he pops... marketing specialists are great at their job let me tell you!). Anyways... As we got up there the nice man taking pictures placed Hannah on the arm of the chair told her to point herself away from Santa so she didn't cover her sister up and then continued to oogle, google, and squeak until he got both the attention and smiles from the twins. If I were 4 and in the above situation... I'm pretty sure I'd have the same look on my face too! Ha!

But all was well when Hannah got a solo chance with the big man himself! So much for Santa having enough room for more than 2!
Just a quick edit to get that very cute, but frustrated, older sister out of the picture without another round of attempts to make 2 babies happy!

I think as your children get older the desire to add more Christmas lights to your simple display takes over and you always end up with another trip to the store to get "just 1 more string of lights"! The house looks wonderful but please let us know if we ever turn into those crazy Christmas light people ok? ;)

Then it was time to go and search for the perfect tree! And we found it after $10 and a moderate hike in the snow! Everyone did great and the twins LOVED being pulled on their sled!

Although getting back to the car was a bit of a challenge!

It was a gorgeous day!

Oh Glory! Hannah is big enough to drag her own sled back up the hill! So many trips saved and no doubt an exhausted preschooler by the end of the day!

So the tree was a little big.. and some had to be cut... but we love it!

And you too may end up with a neck injury if you come to our house and attempt to see the top of the tree! As far as Hannah is concerned the tree goes on forever! But what fun we are having and so many memories to hold close! My only hope is that time can slow down just a bit so I can savor so much more as it quickly comes and goes.