Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend we've had! Saturday night being the highlight as we attended a going away party for one of John's co-workers. It was there that Hannah was in her glory riding horse after horse after horse! She spent the entire way home attempting to convince us that we need to buy a horse! Complete with the promise to clean up the horse poop!
It was no time before Hannah was brave enough to take the reigns and run the show! Yep she's only 3 going on at least 12!

It truly was a great evening! A break needed by all!

John even took his turn! Pay no attention to the Teva flip flops he is wearing! ;)

Pretty +


Pretty Adorable!

They will be 3 months old tomorrow and as you can see by the following pictures... Their hands are their latest discovery!
At times we find them gagging themselves as they attempt to fit their entire fist into their mouth!

Unbelievable how fast they are growing! They are doing great!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Summer Fun

As we are close to triple digits again today, we decided to enjoy some time in the water. I have definitely turned into a warm weather girl and don't mind the hot weather as there is always relief from the heat in the water!

Jumping in the pool is Hannah's favorite thing to do! There is a definite "splash zone" in our backyard and if you enter it... beware!

Frolicking in the heat :)

NOT frolicking in the heat or pool! Aspen and Brooke were not too fond of swimming which was surprising as they LOVE bathtime.

They did better in the big pool with Hannah and I, but as you can imagine I literally had my hands full and there was no opportunity for pictures! They did eventually give swimming a brief moment of silence to decide if they enjoyed it or not... It was almost instantly interrupted with their protests to get out again! Oh well... we'll give it another try!
Until next time..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Up... up... and away!

Thursday morning Hannah decided it was time to fly to "Cago" aka Chicago... So she got to work and designed her very own plane in the living room... Complete with no leg room and all! :) Aspen and Brooke were even able to fly in their bouncy seats! It was so much fun! I was served snacks and juice (that also ended up all over the kitchen floor!) and the flight only took approximately 5 minutes! If only that were the truth! So the next time you're thinking of booking a flight check out Hannah airlines... Great service and really quick flights!
After flying Aspen was exhausted and fell asleep while playing with Hannah's sheep... No sense in waking a sleeping baby so there she slept for over an hour! Now was my chance to clean with only 1 baby in arms!

Better yet... clean with NO babies in arms! Hallelujah! Brooke fell asleep while watching me clean the bathroom... How simple cleaning becomes when you have 2 free hands! Then our friend Gina arrived (and for some reason I don't have even 1 little picture of her!) and we headed to the Western Idaho Fair on Sunday. We also met the Greenfield family there as well...

As always... Petting zoo a HUGE success. If Hannah doesn't end up working with animals in some way, shape, or form I will be shocked!
This year Hannah was also big enough for some of the rides! She road her first roller coaster!

Here are the girls riding the kangaroo's... this was Hannah's favorite!

And how can you beat a flying elephant! Oh what fun we had even with the heat! How else do you beat funnel cakes and $20 bottles of water? (They weren't really $20 but they were close enough!)

And of course.... Hannah milking her first cow! This was definitely the highlight of the day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of school

Well today is the day that we took Hannah to her preschool orientation. School officially starts Wednesday but there is no way Hannah would leave her backpack behind! Hannah will be attending school for 2hrs twice a week for the entire school year. She is SO excited!

Hannah Grace is lucky enough to have one of her best friends Hannah Joy in her class as well! I know they are both going to do great and having each other should make the transition smooth!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go Mom Go!

Mom and Dad have a life group at church "FLC Outdoors" and twice a month they get out and do outdoor things with friends and families. Their goal is to teach all of their friends (and strangers) that life outdoors doesn't end with kids. Sometimes you have to do things without them, but there are many things you can do with them! Yesterday was one of those days that the kids couldn't go... but Mom did! We figured,after all of the hard work she has done and caring for me and my sisters over the last 10 weeks, that she should get out and have a blast! And have a blast she did! Dad stayed home and watched Aspen and Brooke... (10hours straight and everyone was alive and well when Mom got home!) I got to go to the zoo with Tara, Brianna, and my friend Grace! We all had fun too! Mom was exhausted when she got home so Dad's job didn't stop there... Then he had 4 girls to take care of! Good thing he's a great Dad and a great Husband!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Stronger Everyday!

Aspen and Brooke are eating less frequently, awake much longer, and very curious about their surroundings these days! It's incredible to observe them as they experience many new objects and sensations on an hourly basis. If only we could hear their thoughts! I can only imagine!

With band aid still in place (check out approx 3 posts back for the story), Hannah is the best entertainer of all. It becomes more apparent everday that how we choose to raise Hannah, and the person we help mold her into, is more important than ever before. Not only is it Hannah's life at stake, but with the addition of Aspen and Brooke, it is apparent how much influence they will all have on each other. No parental slacking allowed, that's for sure!

And as always... a cute picture from one of Hannah's camera jackings. We never know what we're going to find when we download the pictures off of our camera onto the computer. Today is was a pair of very cute feet propped on the desk... :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 month check up

Today was the day for the big 2 month check up and shots! Love the check up part to see how the girls are doing.... don't like the shots part... especially with two!
Aspen was all smiles during bath time this morning as it is the girls favorite time of the day!
Both girls enjoy the water very much, just like Hannah. Who knows.. maybe they'll all enjoy whitewater as much as we do!

So they way we tell the girls apart is their difference in head shapes... Cover up their heads and their identicalness (is that a word?) shows itself! Aspen is in pink and Brooke is in white, but they look almost exactly alike in these pictures!

Then it was off to see Dr.Aguilar. Good thing my helper was there! Hannah entertained one baby while the doctor checked the other and talked with me. Hannah is such a great big sis!

Here is Brooke after her check up (close up courtesy of Hannah who was the photographer today!)... She weighed in at 9lbs 4oz (13%ile), length 21 1/4in (10%ile), head 14 3/4in (15%ile). Overall Brooke is in the 40%ile which is great considering they were born at 35weeks!

Above is Aspen as Dr. Aguilar is checking out her noggin. More on that at a later time.... we have an appointment to see a specialist as there is some concern that since she was down in my pelvis for so many weeks when I was pregnant with and her head hasn't come back to a normal shape yet... That her sutures may have closed too soon and her skull is not allowing growth from front to back. A lot of tests are to come, but for now we'll just give her big little head a little more love! :)
Aspen weighed in at 9lbs 5oz (15%ile), length 21in (6%ile), head 15in (29%ile)...
Overall Aspen in the 64%ile which is great as well!
Here are the girls awaiting their shots... ugh! They were being so cute too! All smiles and cute little noises.... That was until their pokes... 6 total... 3 for each girl plus one they had to swallow. I suppose it was worth it to protect the girls from so many diseases...

Here is Brooke showing off her battle wounds and her sad face... She can really tug at anyone's heart strings when she flips that bottom lip!

As can Aspen who was especially upset that the nurse betrayed their friendship... Glad I wasn't the bad guy as I got the fun job of snuggles and kisses to make everything better!
We are home now, both girls are dosed with Tylenol and sleeping soundly at this time... Now off to enjoy some of my own quiet time! :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

You'd think twins were enough!

Meet Atticus! Our new dog!....
Just kidding! I hope you didn't think I was serious :)
Did you think we were insane?
This is just the gigantic dog we met at the park celebrating Danny's birthday!
He's pretty huge huh?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Rainy Day Happenings

Here is a glimpse into our life on a rainy day... This is how we watch a movie on a rainy day..

What is the best thing about having baby sisters you ask? When it's storming outside and we can't go play... Hannah just stays inside and plays "house" with her real live baby dolls! Who tolerate it for a while as Hannah pays a lot of attention to them and is constantly talking to them and pretending with them!
What else can you do on a rainy day? Take the whole clan to Petco where they have carts just Hannah's size (she adores them) and take advantage of the free admission to the "zoo!"

The past two days have been full of thunder, rain, lighting, and cool weather here in Idaho. They have been welcomed by most, as a break from the 100 degree weather we've had for the past two weeks, it's pretty nice!

Above is Hannah vs Walmart display: Obviously the display won!
But nothing a big ole' bandaid in the middle of your face can't fix!

Or being allowed to wear your new backpack before school starts! (That will fix anything!) Hannah is such a big girl and officially starts preschool on August 19th! She will be going to school two days a week for two hours! When did she get so big!?!?!?

Also spent a morning at the dentist getting Hannah's teeth cleaned for the first time. We actually had to convince her to leave as the set up for kids is pretty nice. She was watching the disney channel (we don't have cable at home!) on the tv in the ceiling and wearing headphones to listen to it! Wow has the dentist come a long way for kids! She got a goodie bag and a gold coin to buy a prize before she left! Way to make it fun huh?

Here are our little pink "jailbirds" being the great babies that they are. If we position them to see each other they generally tolerate the bouncers or swings much longer. Separating the girls is not the thing to do if you want peace in the house.... or time to do the dishes. John stayed home with them this morning when I took Hannah to the dentist and ran around 3 or 4 more errands. Came home just in time to witness Brooke vomiting right into John's beard! That made my day and we all had a good laugh as it completely caught John by surprise! Sorry no picture of that because by the time I could stop laughing he had already cleaned up! Trust me it was funny!

Aspen and Brooke have grown so much! Their next appointment is August 12th. I'm excited to hear how much they weigh... not too excited to bring home two babies after they get their shots! Maybe they'll just sleep and we won't tell them that generally after shots they should run a fever, be fussy, not eat, and be miserable.... yep lets go with the "Just sleep" route!