Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

Another fun day in the sun!  The weather is SO gorgeous today!  I love the ability to go out and enjoy the day in February!  The girls were giddy with excitement as we switched the swings so that they both could swing on big girl swings!  Hannah is in school today so it worked out perfectly until we get a third!  
Taylor spent the weekend sick with some kind of viral something or another... and got her 4 month immunizations today.  So it has been a little tough to capture her sweet smiles, but she is still as cute as ever!
Taylor looking a little confused! Ha!
Brooke is always flying off of something!  No fear!  
We sure have some cute girls with cute smiles!
I love it that they enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!
Spring and Summer are on their way...  I can't wait for this next season as the girls and I plan on taking full advantage of the warm weather that is creeping up on us!  I'm even looking forward to those HOT days to spend in the pool!  Again I say... I was made for California! :)
Brooke is generally the risk taker, but Aspen has her moments too!  Little Daredevil!

Aspen and Brooke have figured out a couple of new ways to make their swings more fun!  They did this for at least 20 minutes!  I would be sick! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hannah's First Official Science Project

 Now that Hannah is in Kindergarten, she is being challenged with some pretty big things!  Like her first "Great Brain Fair" at her school!!!  Hannah answered with some pretty big request too... one of my favorites was "I want to make a tornado in a bottle and then open it and have it come out onto the table."  Ummmmmm....  Maybe.
 Instead we agreed to make our own paint and then see what happens when we mix all of the colors.  Not as cool as an actual tornado on the table, but we had a lot of fun and it turned out awesome!!
 Making our own paint was SO easy, but I think I should have taken it off of the stove about 30seconds sooner because it ended up a little clumpy.  :)
 Then came time to work on her presentation board.  I saw this really cool project online the other day, so we decided to try it with the word "Colors" (which was the title we decided on).
 Hannah did most of the weaving herself!  I think I am going to pick some kind of inspiring word and give this a try to hang on our wall at home.  It turned out awesome and really didn't take that long.  The best part it, there is no rhyme or reason to the weaving back and forth between the nails so it is actually really easy and fun!
 Hannah worked really hard on all of the words for her different categories.
 Then she helped work on the layout...
 Tada!  The finished product...  Turned out REALLY awesome!  Hannah was so excited!  Before she went to school, she was sitting down quietly looking at it.  I asked if anything was wrong, and she just responded... "No Mom....  I'm just proud."  SO sweet if you ask me.  It made my heart happy to see that all of Hannah's hard work and a little of our help paid off.  John and I felt a little silly as we stayed up until midnight waiting for glue to dry etc... I mean this is a Kindergarten project, Lol! :)  But in the end it was definitely worth it to see such a sense of accomplishment in her face on the way to school!
 The icing on the cake was that our entire family got to go to the science fair at Hannah's school to check out all of the neat projects!
 We went straight to Hannah's where she explained how she got to present her project in class and the entire class gave her a round of applause! :)  
 Yep... Proud.  Will make a Mom's heart melt. :)
They didn't have awards, but everyone received "A Great Brain 2012" ribbon and Hannah was quite satisfied!  Afterwards we went to Miss.Ellie's cupcakes to celebrate!  Definitely a success!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Like Father, Like Daughter...Again!

 All of our girls have been VERY bald at birth and for a LONG time!  Taylor's head has turned out exactly the same!
What can you say though... Bald is beautiful!  Especially in our house!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! 2012

 Today was a fun day celebrated with all of our little Valentine's!  (Mom and Dad will celebrate when Grandma comes to town and we only have 1 versus 4 in tow, Lol!)  BUT... I was definitely surprised when I received a dozen roses delivered from John with a wonderful card attached!  The girls received Valentine gifts from both Grandma's too!  They were so excited and felt the love all of the way from both Illinois and Wisconsin!
 To celebrate with the girls we ordered heart shaped pizza's from Papa Murphey's and had Sonic slushies to drink (the girls favorite!)  And then I grilled some bratwurst and put them on Daddy's half of the pizza before baking it.  It was a hit, and if you know John, then grilled bratwurst on pizza is equivalent to a dozen roses! :)
 This is a typical dinner for us... Taylor as the main dish Lol!  Who says you can't have family dinner just because a baby is around??  Taylor loves to sit in her Bumbo and observe the craziness as well as listen to the constant chatter from her 3 sisters.  John and I get to have very few conversations before 9pm anymore, our voices have been drown out by a bunch of sweet little tinkerbell voices.  
Taylor is growing up so quickly now.  Knowing that she is our last, I wish I could slow time down... maybe even pause it for a bit.  But alas... I can't, so I will enjoy every moment.  The good.... the bad... the ugly... and the pretty. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunchtime with Dad

 Meeting Dad for lunch can be a bit of a challenge as well as expensive if we go to a restaurant, so instead we like to eat in the car on the way and meet Dad at one of the great parks near BSU!
 Brook is such a daredevil like Hannah and is already trying to swing upside down!  
 Today was gorgeous!
 Aspen has become a lot more brave lately!  Generally Aspen will observe someone else before trying something on her own.  Lately she has been the one to step out and lead!
 Any excuse to go outside and we take complete advantage of it!  We cannot wait until summer!
 This is one of the girls favorite things to do, and Dad gets a good workout! ;)
Taylor enjoyed the fresh air too!  Fighting to keep her eyes open among all of the excitement!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Snow Cones.... Literally

 I keep referring to our winter this year as mild, and it truly has been!  I have to admit I am DEFINITELY not complaining!  So far we still have not had a ton of snow, but when we wake up to a white fluffy wonderland we choose to take complete advantage of it!  This morning was a little too cold to go out and play so instead we brought the snow inside!  Hannah thought now would be a great time to let Taylor eat some snow and I agree!  
 Mark it down in the baby books people... or blog as I do :)  Today was Taylor's first time tasting snow, and she LOVED it!
 Aspen, Brooke, and Hannah love it too!  We cleared out as much snow as we could from the front and backyard before it started to come out of questionable territory... eh hem... Sadie...

 A morning spent snuggled up on the couch, watching Finding Nemo, and eating snow.  Can't get much better than this!
Such a sweet girl Taylor is.  She has truly turned out to be a Joy to us all!