Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr.Golden Sun!

It appears that this week will be gorgeous in Nampa! We are going to take complete advantage of the sun that we have missed so much! Spring cleaning has begun in the Daurer household and the ducks have been fed at the fish hatchery down the road! Bring on Spring for sure!

Sadie is so patient with all of the ducks quacking and swimming within inches of her nose... what torment for a bird dog! Feeding the ducks is one of both Hannah and Sadie's favorite activities!

This is one of the pictures Hannah took and I think it is proof of just how gorgeous it is here today! Go outside and play!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soccer fun!

Well it's official... Hannah will be a springtime soccer girl! I'm sure 3yr old soccer will never get as intense as the picture above but hey... you never know! They are 3! I'm sure there will be plenty of nose picking and daydreaming, I can't wait to watch Hannah I know she'll have a blast! It's going to start in the beginning of April so we'll keep you posted!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Kidding!

So although I couldn't fine the exact diagram to explain what we have been seeing in all of the ultrasounds so far, the picture below is close. If you look at the third picture down in the diagram, it is the most similar to what we have seen. The difference between the diagram and inside my belly, is that there is a very thin separating membrane in between the twins that stops when it hits the placenta. This is WONDERFUL news because that means we take away the risk of them entangling in each others umbilical cord. The thought so far that they are sharing a placenta means two things at this point... It looks as though they are identical and #2... We have to wait until March 2 @ 3:30pm to have the main ultrasound checking any and all details! Thus after all of the buildup we did not find out if these babies, who are moving all around now, are boys or girls!

Waiting is always a challenge! But Dr. Gregerson had said it would be best to let them grow some more before we go in to take a closer look! I had no reason to argue besides we had finally agreed to find out the sex and I wanted to know! There is a nursery just aching to be painted and a Mom, Dad, Sister (in addition to everyone else!) super excited to find out the final answer! So until then... there is still time to vote on your favorite combo in the right column... Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, Boy/Girl! I'll just let you know Hannah has said they are both boys from the beginning and I can't help but hope that at least one of them is!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's your guess?

So my Mom sent this picture to me and I think it is hilarious! For those of you who haven't heard... victory is ours! (Well at least those of us who think we should find out the sex of the twins in 2 days!) John came to me yesterday and told me he has known for a while that he would find out with me but it was just too much fun to keep me in suspense! (Ha! What a funny man he is!) But in less than two days... Thursday morning at 9:30am we are crossing our fingers that the twins aren't crossing their legs! We shall see! So until then if you happen to read this post, head over to the right and tell us what you think? Girl/Girl - Boy/Boy - or Girl/Boy? Your guess is as good as ours!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Remembering Susie...

Hannah's first fish. Last night as we said our prayers Hannah asked if we could pray for Susie her fish. I gladly but cautiously prayed... I had to wonder why after all of this time Hannah all of a sudden wanted to pray for Susie, I chose my words carefuly making sure not to promise health or a long life for our little friend. I should have known. As I walked into Hannah's room this morning... Susie was dead.
Hannah took the news as well as a 3yr old could with about 20minutes of heartbreaking sobbing. I snuggled and held her tight as she told me how she was going to miss Susie and how Susie was going to miss her etc.. Then came the big question... Not "why" did Susie die (I answered that with ease) but "How" did Susie die? Fortunately Hannah came to the conclusion herself. About 6months ago Hannah found the package containing the leftover rocks from the bottom of Susie's bowl.. I only found this out as she rounded the corner into the office drooling and not breathing. As I quickly flipped her over and squeezed hard... out popped the rock, thus triggering our first discussion about death and what it meant... exactly. So after much thought Hannah decided Susie must have swallowed one of the rocks... I'm sure remembering my intense, panicked, somewhat threatening conversation we had about death after putting things in our mouth. But what can I say? She's satisfied with the cause of death and so am I!
We waited until John came home to send Susie to that great ocean only found by being flushed in the toilet. It went pretty well....
This is John explaining to Hannah what is going to happen... at this point she is sobbing again, but there is no turning back. (Especially since I am documenting this instead of comforting my daughter!)

The pouring of Susie and the contents of her bowl into the toilet... this intensified the sobbing..

Hannah taking one last look at Susie (and the floating leaves that fell off of the plant, that we wonder if they actually turned Susies water into a toxic environment since 3 have been floating in there for a few days?)

And what a brave girl... When given the choice Hannah wanted to do the flushing. Overall it went really well. After all was done we had lots of snuggle time (can never complain) and Hannah's biggest concern was that Susie would finally make it to the ocean and Susie's family would see her dead. How sweet... Hannah was concerned about how the fish would feel on the other side this situation, she's so sweet!

So goodbye Susie! You were a great first fish! ;)