Monday, July 05, 2010

Did you say chickens?

 So us girls went to visit John at Dr.G's house (the OB who delivered the twins) to see how the "Chicken hotel" was coming along that they were building.  Somehow we left with 2 chickens and some very dirty girls from playing in the beautiful raised gardens he has that I am going to copy next summer!
 Picking out just the right chickens is a tough job and a decision not to be taken lightly.  Hannah and Dr.G talked about all of the potential adoptees and then...
 ...Hannah and Dr.G decided on the very best two!
 And in he went to catch them!  What a brave man!
 And here they are along with their very first home that came with them!  (What are we getting ourselves into?)
They have no names yet as we left still telling Hannah that we are only babysitting them for a while.... (in case they have to go home, if you know what I mean!)  But she is beyond thrilled for now and I'm sure Sadie is going to LOVE them!