Friday, January 27, 2012

Hannah and Taylor

 Hannah is the best big sister and girl could ask for.... good thing she's got 3 little sisters!
 Hannah loves to help with Taylors bathtime and she always gets big smiles!
 Hannah also loves to rock with Taylor!  At the end of the day you can always find the two of them snuggled up and comfy!
 Hannah truly adores Taylor.  It is such a sweet relationship. :)
More bath time smiles! Taylor loves Hannah!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Various Fashions

 Let's just say with 4 girls there is always a different fashion in style!  And I will also be humble enough to give credit to John for their current fashion senses!  I'll work on them when they are a little older, Lol! :)
 Even Taylor gets reeled in every now and again!
 I promise...  We always keep our house 62-65 degrees.  (They aren't freezing Grandma Pat! Haha!)
 So cute!
 Never mind the spit up... look at that contagious smile!
 And chubby cheeks!
 Taylor is desperate to sit up.  She has enough motivation, just not enough muscle and balance!  So to the Bumbo she graduates!
 I can barely capture her attention anymore as she strains to follow her sisters action packed play around the house!  
 Goggles and sundresses in January.. why not?

 Who says girls can't be superheros too??  
Funny boogers!  Gotta love them!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First real snow this year!

 Well it's finally here and the whole Valley is excited.  Bogus Basin has not been able to open this season due to lack of snow and there are a lot of skiers and snowboarders playing hooky today I'm sure! :)  

 Here the girls awoke and the snow started around 7:45am... at 7:46am they were trying to put their coats on to go outside :)  I told them we had to wait for the sun to come up at the very least!  I think we made it until 9:30am and then headed out to play!

 I think I need to send these hard workers to the driveway!  With 3 shoveling it should get cleared in no time! :)

 Even Sadie came out to play today!  She has always loved the snow!

 Taylor enjoyed being carried through the snow!  A new experience for sure when the snow would land on her face.  I'm sure she will be just as adventurous as her big sisters!  

 First snow angel... sort of! 

 And a snow day is never fun unless you are eating the snow!

 Hannah is still missing her teeth, but oh so cute when she smiles!

 More snow angel fun!




The snow is pretty wet today and at some point I had to entice the girls to come into the house with hot cocoa and cider!  Rosy cheeks and all they sat to eat their snacks chattering away about the snow!  Sometimes free fun in your own backyard is the best kind of fun to have! 
(Right now when you ask the girls to smile for the camera you get a beautiful Hannah smile but the twins look at each other to smile... so I asked them to look at my eyes and smile for this picture.  As you can tell that isn't going to work either...  Instead they poked their eyes when I took the pic.  Lol!  Funny girls!)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Taylor Rolls Over! Only 10 weeks old!

 Never a dull moment in the Daurer household.  As I came around the corner this morning I found Hannah "nursing" her baby.  When I asked if I could take her picture, she proudly exclaimed "Yes!"  I don't think she'll be so enthusiastic about this picture when she gets older, lol!
 Taylor never lacks entertainment.  There is always a sister or dog around to keep her stimulated.  There are very few chances to get bored around here.... or have a moment of silence! :)

The girls adore Taylor and you can tell she is completely in love with them as well.  Who would have thought 4 little girls could be such a blessing.  They are absolutely beautiful and I love being their Mom.  

You can tell in this video that Taylor is trying SO hard to roll over.  This morning I received an email called "Your baby at 2months and 2weeks old" Inside it described the following: "Your baby is growing stronger every day.  She may now be able to lift her head, chest, and shoulders off the ground when she's on her tummy.  Your Super baby will look so proud and happy while she's "flying" this way.  If she's especially strong, she may be able to push herself up using her arms while lying on her stomach."  Well if a Super Baby can do all of that, then Taylor is a Super Duper Baby!  She's already rolling over!!  Yes I said that right... rolling over!  The above video shows how strong Taylor is, and the video below shows a successful roll!  Guess you gotta get mobile quick when you're the youngest of 4!!!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

A weekend of fun!

 Aspen has such a sweet personality and just loves Sadie.  Sometimes so much Sadie can't breath, but it's love just the same!

 Taylor is such an amazing baby.  We joke that it is a good thing she is our last because if she were our first we may have ended up with 20 and counting!
 A new bowling alley opened up near our house, and it is specifically for families!  That is great news for us, because with 4 small girls we need activities that are kid friendly for sure!  Unfortunately it is so popular that at opening time there was instantly an hour wait!  Hour wait..... not good.

 So instead we ate pizza and played some games.  The twins don't know what bowling is so they were happy but Hannah was a little sad.  She is a great bowler and was looking forward to it.  We are going to try another day and see if we can catch a day a little less crowded.

 Sad right?  She's such a goofball that she cheered up pretty quickly.  :)

 Bahahahahaha!  Just love the exclamations on Taylor's face when a new sound or sensation comes around!
She's so alert and curious!

 The time has come.  They say you should introduce a bottle at 6 weeks if you're going to use one.  Well we waited until 10... oops.  Good thing little Miss.Taylor knows how to eat.  She had no problem transitioning back and forth between a bottle and nursing.  I've got a stock pile of milk built up already and we are preparing for me to go back to work in 2 weeks.  It's a bittersweet moment.  I love my girls and love being home with them even more.  But this is the season we are in, and fortunately I am blessed to have an incredible job doing something that I am gifted in.  I can fulfill my purpose as a Mom and a Nurse.  Both my passion and both rewarding.  If I had to leave home to scrub toilets I might kick and scream every time I had to go!

 Weather is still hitting the 50s most days!  So we are taking complete advantage and playing outside as much as we can!  I have to admit, I wouldn't be sad if we completely skipped the snow this winter.  I love the snow, but I like the fact that we can drive to it to play and then come back home to mild weather.  I was so made for California..... sigh.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting the year off right!

 WHAT YEAR DID YOU SAY IT IS???  2012???  
When did that happen!?!?!?

We can't believe 2011 is already behind us.  What a great year it was!  Looking forward to 2012 for sure!

As we drove home from church today, we discussed the mild winter and how beautiful it was.  We were a little disappointed to head home for naps, so after a brief discussion... we decided to skip them and head to the foothills for a hike instead!
Aspen was enjoying the "journey" and taking her sweet time down the trail.  Doing things like pointing out every single rock to me.  She definitely takes after her Grandma Pat.  every time we take Grandma on an adventure she is always looking at the ground while she walks.  One of these days they are both going to run into a tree, I'm sure of it! 

Decided to take their bikes of trail and explore. :)

Such a beautiful blue sky.  A perfect day for a hike!

Our beautiful girls.  Taylor was asleep in the pack, but it won't be long before she is toddling right behind these 4!

Hannah was out searching for the perfect stick for Sadie.  After some time we stopped her from doing this because Aspen and Brooke kept getting off of their bikes to get sticks too.  We didn't hike too far, but 3 girls stopping every foot and a half makes a short hike EXTREMELY long and even though we were having fun, you can only hike so long. :)  It was in this moment that Hannah responded "That's fine, if you don't care about Sadie Mom then I'll stop."  Sigh... Then turn around to smile before coming back to discuss guilt and why we don't try to use it on people.  :)

Here is a short video of Brooke successfully gliding!  I never did catch Aspen as she would stop and smile every time I pointed the camera at her.  Sorry it is so shaky.  I thought I was doing a better job of holding it still while walking!  :)  SO amazed that they caught on so quickly!  Only the second time they have been on their bikes!  Awesome!