Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Home again..

We are glad to be back and are just sitting around soaking in all of the comforts of home. Hannah spent last evening making sure all her toys were just as she left them and we spent the night sleeping! Something Hannah hasn't really done on vacation! We'll blog more pics when home is boring again! =)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Who really follows plans anyway..

Well we are still in the land of corn, although our trip has gone any direction except as planned. It's amazing as a mother how loud you will sing children song's with multiple people listening while trying to hold your 15 month old child still during a catscan. It's also surprising how much you can do in such a short time and how much you wish you could do if there was more time. 1 of the highlights so far is a second blanket!! Hannah has become quite attached to a certain blanket that a friend of the family made for her. We were able to visit her the other day and that is when back-up blanket emerged! Thank you Mary Ann!! It's been a challenge to visit even family while in town (especially considering all that has happened) but it always feels good to see those who love you so much. We are looking forward to coming back to the land of potatoes and hoping the flight home is as smooth as the flight here!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our Little Valentine

Well as most of you know Hannah and I will go on another great adventure to Illinois tomorrow morning. This is why I have posted a picture from last year. We have spent the morning in prep for our trip and I realized during her naptime that we haven't taken our Valentine pictures yet! So I hope to do that this evening, but until then... Check out that cute little booger up there. She was the cutest little Valentine!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

For the seafood lover in you...

Don't let these pictures fool you. This is actually all of us about 3 weeks ago enjoying a gift certificate we got for Christmas! (Oh was it so worth it!) This week we have spent fighting the flu and at risk of stating the obvious....we couldn't hold down water...I doubt seafood (as wonderful as it is) would have stayed down!

Crab claws: New but interesting...definitely worth going back to test them out again!

Gosh is it great to be closer than 3 1/2 hrs to Red Lobster! If only someone could open up a Hot Dog stand that served Chicago's finest Italian Beef Sandwiches...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Cheetos anyone? At first Hannah was not thrilled to hear we were going to watch TV for 4 hours and there would not even be 1 Elmo sighting! Once she realized the evening would be full of Cheetos, cookies, dancing, yelling, shouting, games, and all sorts of fun she got into the football spirit pretty quick! (Not too mention her 3 1/4hr nap helped!)

It only took a couple of plays for Hannah to get the hang of things. How much do these guys get to play football? Hannah can run and eat the football at the same time! Now that's talent!

Time for the touchdown dance baby!

At halftime we all went outside to play our own game of football. (Don't worry Grandma it wasn't that cold outside...everyone was in sweatshirts and comfortable...Hannah has a hat on too!)

Can you tell Hannah needs to work on her sharing a little bit... Her mouth is completely crammed with Cheetos and she's already eyeballing David's stash so she can steal some more!

We all had loads of fun but what a disappointing end to the game. The Bears lost and I only have 1 Cheeto left...