Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When does summer officially begin?

I don't know, but as far as I'm concerned in Idaho it has begun! And we are taking complete advantage of the warm weather! First project of the season... build a flower box outside of the living room window so Hannah can plant all of the flowers and we can enjoy them both inside and out! Above Hannah and John are getting ready to fill it with dirt!
Notice Hannah picked a skirt and white tank top to perform the filling of the box with dirt??? She is definitely the girl in pink covered in mud! Gotta love it!

John was excited as you can see! ;)

This is the view from the inside of the house... it will be wonderful when the window is filled with flowers! I can't wait!

Here is Day two... It was too late by the time we finished the evening before to plant the seeds, I didn't want to plant them and then have it freeze or something. Really this is a boring picture of us trying to figure out all of the seeds Hannah picked out, but I posted it for all of you who have been inquiring about belly size! 28 weeks and counting... 4 weeks ago I was larger than when I delivered Hannah! These last 10weeks should get really interesting!

We decided to just mix all of the seeds together... spread them around... and see what we get! I really can't wait!

This is the point where Hannah wanted to do it all herself so we just stood back and enjoyed! Notice the built in step/seat John built so Hannah could reach to water and care for all of the flowers without stacking stuff to stand on! He's so talented and handy! I love it that I can custom order something and have it produced in a naptime!

As far as the girls go they are absolutely phenominal! I am down to weekly appointments with biweekly ultrasounds. This past Monday the girls were both head down and parallel to each other. Even more descriptive... both heads on my bladder and both sets of feet in my ribs. Baby A is on my right side and she is currently weighing in at 2lbs 14oz while Baby B is on my left side weighing in at 2lbs 12oz. Not a hint of twin to twin transfusion anywhere and both my Dr. and us couldn't be happier! I plan on taking the girls to 38weeks... no more, no less! ;) That is my plan of course, we'll see what they do!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

And above is a late add :) (But I still don't know how to move pictures after I've already posted and it always puts the latest one at the top?) Anyways... Jamie posted this picture in her facebook account and it made me smile! It has been incredible watching all of the kids grow up over the past 3 1/2 years. They are all absolutely amazing! And cute, especially when all dressed up!

As usual... the one day per week that I work fell on a holiday... never fails! But, something I did realize after seeing pictures of Hannah today is that John is going to be the best Dad for our 3 little girls!

In my opinion Hannah looks even better than I could have helped her look in her cute little Easter dress. She was so proud of her dress and gloves... I am so proud of her Dad who took the time to take care of all of the details since I was at work well before Hannah was awake.

Some might think a little girl needs her Mom to feel like a princess... I think she needs her Dad to know she is one. I am so excited that our girls have the Dad that they do!

And just for fun.. John caught Hannah performing an interpretive dance today...while eating string cheese! :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not sure if you could actually call it a game?

But Hannah's first experience playing soccer against another team was absolutely hilarious! There were multiple times I sat there with tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard! Did I forget to mention it is against the rules to show you're teeth? Just kidding! I'm not sure why both of the girls have their mouths clamped shut in the above picture? But obviously there is Hannah... Officially known as #11 on her team! Directly to her left is one of her best friends Gracie, officially #12! It was so much fun watching the girls actually playing! I can't wait for practice Wednesday! :)

All of the players had to sign an agreement prior to joining soccer stating they would follow the rules and have good sportsmanship and all of that stuff. Hannah and I went over the rules and then I had her sign on the dotted line with her official signature. A giant capital H! She obviously forgot the rules when it was her turn to start the kickoff... do you see the intimidating look she's giving the other team? Actually when I look at the picture again, #2 on the green team must have done something wrong because all of the girls don't appear to be too thrilled with her?? Oh pictures... worth at least 1,000 words!

Here is Hannah in action (once our team figured out what to do... it was like a stressful movie when the green team walked onto the field. Our kids were playing with the grass and watching the bugs while the green team was chanting and doing push-ups... a little crazy actually!) Anyways... It didn't take long for our team to catch on and go after the ball. This is the best age to watch, none of the kids were upset when the other team scored, they all cheered for everyone, and all of the parents got along and laughed at both their own kids and any other kid that did something unexpected in the soccer game.

Hannah was one of those kids... Whenever she made contact with the ball it appeared as though her goal was to run as far as she could while continuing to maintain control of the ball. In the above picture you can see Hannah out in front with the ball, crossing over the boundary lines with no thoughts of stopping anytime soon. It reminded me of when Forest Gump would get the football and begin running for a touchdown... and the only way they could get him to stop was to throw up huge STOP signs and have crowds of people shouting at him. That was Hannah! As you can see there is no goal in site yet she is taking both teams with her to absolutely nowhere! As everyone on the sidelines shouted... "Come back!" :) She'll learn... we'll practice! ;)

Like I said, tears until the very end. Even the attempt of lining up to shake hands or give high fives turned into two lines of confusing pokes, shakes, stares, and anything else you might think of... this is going to be a fun soccer season!
Signing off... As "Official Soccer Mom"