Friday, March 25, 2011

A funny walk down memory lane

 Grandma is in town right now and when pulling in some pics from her camera from her current visit, I found some pics from around Christmas time that were still on her camera.  Hannah and Grandma were upstairs playing with one of her Christmas gifts and I just found the evidence of how goofy these two can get!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Climbing 101

 Two unstable climbers are obviously harder to monitor than one.  So far we have kept gates in place all over.... left, right, up, down.  You name it, we probably have it blocked off with a gate.  Until recently that is.  We figured the sooner we have two safe climbers/wall walkers/tree climbers etc...  the sooner we can sit back and relax in our own backyard....  sort of!  So gates are coming down...  and strings are being let out while we attempt to let the twins spread their wings and fly.  I have to admit parks have probably been one of the biggest challenges with the twins since they became dissatisfied swinging the entire time.  We are lucky to survive with only 2 spotters and we dare not attempt a trip solo.  For now that is!
 They are thrilled with their new freedom and doing quite well.  We're sure they take after Hannah and I think we might just be OK pretty soon!

 And yet again I hate these stairs.  They are horrible for tumbling toddlers.  Hannah took her fair share of tumbles down them and survived.  I suppose Aspen and Brooke will too! :)

 "Why would we color on the cement patio Mom, when there is this wall that we can fall off of?"  
 Seriously Brooke?  I'm pretty sure if I looked close enough I might find a gray hair or two!
 Now I know this was Daddy's supervision!  He sure is proud of his girls athletic abilities!  All I see when I look at this pic is Hannah falling off the wall in that same exact spot around the same age!  Only difference is that it was summer and the green weed/plant that grows all over the ground/wall cushioned her fall and she stood up laughing!  
 John got pretty creative with the next few shots and I think they are adorable so I thought I'd include them for you all to enjoy as well!  When you run out of room on the wall, try coloring on your hands!  Why not?

And why would coloring with chalk be any fun unless you ate just a little!  Love our goofy girls!  They make us smile!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Much Needed Taste of Spring!

 Today was such a beautiful day outside!  55degrees and counting!  It was so wonderful to go outside and soak in some sunshine!  The girls took off as soon as the door opened and did not come back until they were forced to around dinner time.  Spring can come any day now.... I won't complain!