Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grandma Daurer comes to town!

Grandma Daurer is in town for the first time since we've lived in Idaho and what a fun time we've had already! Grandma will be here for the next 2 weeks and we are so excited to have her!

Grandma likes to take pictures and so in the last 2 days there have already been a handful! :)

I took Mom and Grandma to the park yesterday and showed Grandma just how cute I can be!

Today we took Grandma to the foothills to show her a bit of the area and get out to enjoy this beautiful weather! Grandma Daurer is from Wisconsin and when the family checked in this morning they said there was snow... We are able to be in shorts and tshirts today! Everyone should come here and warm up for a bit!

Here is Grandma Daurer and Sadie on the hike today... Sadie is a big fan of Grandma's and is glad to have one around for a while!

Here I am hiking on my own... there are some times that I am just too big for my pack! Good thing I have 2 sisters on the way... they will get some good use out of it!

I'm so tall now that the rain/sun cover doesn't even fit on the pack anymore!

And my legs hang well below the bottom of the pack! Good thing my Dad is so strong! :)

And here I am with a mouth full of food and an arm full of Mystic! He has definitely adapted to having a toddler around the house.... I'm just prepping him for two more tail pullers on the way!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great news!

Went to my weekly appointment today and have great news! My "modified bed rest" has officially become "very relaxed bed rest!" What does that mean exactly? I am free to do almost anything and everything (besides work) and my only limitation is to stop when the girls or my uterus says so! Absolutely amazing and this is what we were praying for! I will still be on medication every 6hrs for the duration of the pregnancy, but am definitely not complaining!
Overall I have slowed down and there are times I need to come to a complete stop in order to quiet contractions, but we are extremely excited to get the "Go" from my doctor again! Had another non stress test and monitored the girls for an hour, both passed with flying colors and only a handful of contractions. None of which threw up any red flags or anything!
So 31weeks 3days and counting on! Bring on 37 weeks... at least!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Soccer pictures and 31 week update!

Here she is! Soccer player extraordinaire! With a fake/forced smile that is! :) It's funny because during pictures they wouldn't allow parents near the camera. I suppose some parents can get a little crazy regarding pictures... I would have just suggested they ask Hannah to say "Monkeyyyyyyy.." to avoid the fake snarl pictured above! ;) Either way we think she's the cutest soccer player ever!

Here is Hannah and her team (minus 1, Gracie)... 3yr old soccer is the cutest thing ever and we enjoy every game! Next week is the final game for the spring season though and then we move on! Maybe swimming since the warm weather is well in season? Who knows! We'll keep you updated!

And yet another eventful week with the twins, that has left me on "Modified Bed rest" and Nifedipine every 6hrs around the clock!
I had my regularly scheduled appointment on Wednesday where everything checked out perfectly! My doctor wanted me to go to the hospital for a "Non stress test" on Friday (they have better equipment to monitor twins more quickly) and expected to be there anywhere from 1-3hrs depending on how many active labors, triage patients, etc.. that were there. Well after being hooked up with double the normal equipment (in order to monitor both babes at the same time) and as they asked me the typical questions.. the nurse asked me if I had been contracting. I easily responded no as I have not had any. It was then that the nurse (who is also a co-worker and friend since I am delivering on the same unit where I work) informed me I was contracting every 2-3minutes and she quickly went to call my doctor.
She almost instantly returned with an injection of Terbutaline which left me jittery, breathless, and with a super fast heartbeat.... but it did stop the contractions. For approx 20minutes that is. My doctor arrived and completed a fetal fibronectin test which came back negative. (In singleton pregnancies it has a 98% accuracy rate to determine if you will go into labor in the next two weeks.... so this definitely brought some peace to mind)
After multiple interventions etc... and almost 9hrs later My contractions were anywhere from 1-10 minutes or so and my cervix remained closed, thick, and high. At that point my doctor discharged me on the Nifedipine (to keep my contractions under control if not stopped) and specific orders for a modified bed rest.
Naughty... naughty... girls! It is definitely too early and although we would love to meet them, we don't want to yet! They need to cook and grow at least 5-6 more weeks at the least! My next appointment is on Wednesday (unless I begin contracting 6 or more times in 1hr) and it is then that we will find out if this bed rest is until the end or if I can have a little more freedom for the next 5-6 weeks! Either way I still feel great and things are going well... heck I didn't even know I was contracting! If only labor will be like that too! :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A carnival and still going strong!

This last Friday our church put on a carnival to raise funds for our youth church... We had a blast! There were games galore, raffles, prizes, jump houses, and the best... carnival food! :) Hannah went through 40 tickets in no time (Each game was only 1 or 2 tickets) and she did not want to go home at the end of the night! And if you ask us where Hannah got her natural basketball talents from... it was not us! Must have been passed down by her Aunt Lisa! Her shooting form is all natural!
Going "fishing" was Hannah's favorite game! Again... no fishermen or women in this house... any volunteers to take Hannah fishing for real?

Yep... even popped one of the balloons in the "Dart throw!" We were shocked and she was thrilled!

Hannah decided that the best way to get over her fear of clowns... was to face her fear... well literally face her fear "Face On!" When we made it to the face painting booth and I asked her if she wanted a flower or butterfly on her cheek, she responded with "I want to be a clown!" We were absolutely shocked! Hannah is not even the slightest fan of clowns and had even went to Pastor Steve earlier in the week and told him to tell the clowns not to come to the carnival!

But here she is the cutest clown ever and absolutely thrilled! We had a great time at the carnival and definitely vote that it is a yearly event!

30+ weeks and above is the view I currently have of my feet! Or I guess you could say lack of view! As the girls grow bigger and stronger on a daily basis, I can only wonder how far my stomach can go in the next 7-8 weeks! Had another ultrasound yesterday to confirm that the girls are still doing as great as ever! Baby A is measuring out overall @ 30weeks 6days right now, 3lbs 8oz and Twin B is measuring out @ 31weeks 2days and 3lbs 10oz! My weekly appointments are necessary and exciting but somewhat "boring!" The girls are doing every single thing they should be doing! They are right on track and going strong! I am doing phenominal, taking advantage of naps when possible, and walking along Hannah as she performs her newfound love of bike riding! (Pictures and videos of that to come!) I am still working 1 day/week and my Doctor thinks that is great and doesn't feel at this point that I need to stop unless I want to. We are chugging along and prepping for who knows what exactly as we welcome 2 newborns into our home! Can't wait! Let the countdown begin!