Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been a while I know, but a family of 5 is a lot busier than 3!

So life around here has been anything but slow to say the least!  We have had another visit from Grandma Pat, I have almost completed my training in labor and delivery, Hannah is almost done with her first year in preschool, the twins are growing faster than we can keep up with and John continues to perfect his job as a Dad while keeping busy with different side work when he can.

Spring has sprung... almost... and we are enjoying every moment of it!  The fresh air has been nothing but good for us as this winter has been way too long!
The girls love to go on walks and are just as excited about nature as Hannah is!  Shouldn't be a tough task to spend as much time as possible outside this spring and summer!
Hannah helping some local ducks regain the weight they lost after a long winter minus all of the carbs that are fed to them throughout the spring/summer and fall months.
Still a tight fit when visitors come... this picture taken after a trip to Costco.. a big trip since they had coupons for diapers and wipes!  As we rolled to the car my mouth dropped as I forgot we had Sadie in the car too!  Good thing Grandma loves her so much.... she got to ride shotgun on Grandma's lap!  Ha!  We were a sight to see, that's for sure!

Nice weather = Trip to the zoo, enjoyed by all!
I think we'll be spending lots of time here this summer!
The girls finally fit into their Sox hats that Steven and Courtney bought for them!  Fans by default I suppose!  Adorable as always, and they will be great to protect their little bald heads this summer!
We've also been enjoying a Spring full of birthday celebrations!  It seems as though every weekend we have another party to go to!  It's crazy to think back when it all started with Jamie and Danny Schulz announcing their pregnancy with David!  Now there are so many kids we could fill an entire classroom with just a few families!
The twins are growing so fast it's somewhat sad...  That is one thing I don't enjoy about two....  things are SO busy that it's hard to take the time to just sit back and watch!  It's like we blink and a month has gone by!  As we approach 10 months with our new little additions, our family continues to take shape and we are all learning how to be a family of 5!

And yes it has begun... I thought things were a little too quiet as I cooked dinner, but hey... they were quiet, so cook I did!  Who was I to ask questions???  I should have known the girls found their way into a bag of potato chips!  There were chips EVERYWHERE!  Broken chips, whole chips, smashed chips, crumpled chips, spit out and soggy chips... man those two can cover some ground quick!

Those are the faces of two babies with salt overload and potato chip hangovers!   (Yes there was puking afterwards!)
The above is a canoe that John has been working on.  Can't wait to see the end results!
Spending as much time as possible outside, and as you can see above Hannah has been catching some great height while swinging!  (In her skirt, jeans, and snowboots.... really!?!?!?)
And thought this picture did a phenominal job capturing a typical moment in our house.... Life... that's all I can say.  We have plenty of life in our home and we are enjoying every moment of it!

Below are a couple of cute videos of the twins.  In the first one you see Brooke as she is beginning to clap along as I sing and the next video does a great job of capturing the girls personalities and we thought you would enjoy!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Cathcing up on our week...

Why a picture of feet do you ask?  A memory we don't want to forget and just cannot figure out.  On a daily basis both Aspen and Brooke will kick and squirm.... kick and squirm... and kick and sqirm some more... that is until they both get their sock and shoe off of their right foot.  Crazy I know but it is always the right foot and then they are content.  Who knows?

And it begins... the guilt and innocence are both easily recognized and I thought I would capture it on film.  I left the kitchen to grab something in another room and upon my return had realized that I left a bowl of cereal within reach of the girls (obvious by the bowl/milk/cereal all over the table and floor!).  Who is the guilty one you ask?  Brooke for sure.  When I came around the corner with a shocked response Brooke pressed into her chair (while holding the spoon that was in the bowl!) and Aspen innocently smiled with her cheesy grin happy to see Mom again.  Maybe it won't be so hard to find the guilty part among twins... hmmm?

Hannah and I had a sleepover.  Just me, her, the bonus room, a movie, and lots of goodies!  (Thank you Daddy!)  We had a blast and took complete advantage of our 1 on 1 time together!  I called it quits at 11:30pm, but I'm sure Hannah could have pulled an all nighter!

Yep... still going strong!  We had a blast and for all you Mom's out there (and Dad's too) I suggest you do this as well.  It's amazing what an evening of 1 on 1 time can do.  When you have more than 1 child it's easy to spread yourself thin amongst all of them and it's SO important that you don't get lost in that.  It was a special night for both of us!

With more warm days than cold we are taking complete advantage of them!  The girls already love it outside and I am looking forward to a summer of fresh HOT air!

Definitely the cheeser right now!

The famous self portrait (although she was trying to get her sister in it and was disappointed to find she missed!)

Best dog in the world.  (Obviously!)

And BIG accomplishment of the day!  Today we were leaving for school and I told Hannah to come into the kitchen so I could help zip her coat.  Instead, a very proud (with good reason!) preschooler came to show me she connected the two sides and zipped it up all by herself!  Not sure when they should be able to do this but today is the day for us and we are so proud of you Hannah!

And last (but not least) big story of the week... John had a job interview at BSU and should hear how it went by the end of this week!  Will let you know either way!  Sounds like a great opportunity and we're praying for open doors!
So that was our week... How was yours?