Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer picnic and water fun

 Not far from home there is a park that is a phenominal park!  It is full of green fields, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, a playground, a musical play section, swings, and so much more!  The section that is our favorite during the summer months is the "waterpark."  Now it is nothing compared to Noah's Ark or Roaring Springs, but it is fun for us!  The perfect way to cool off for free! 

 We've been taking Hannah here since she was little and now it is time for her to show the other three how to have some fun!  We like to pack a picnic dinner and spend the evening in the shade while the girls run around and play!

 Brooke tends to be the best eater out of the bunch!  At this point the other two were off and playing after finishing the main course...  Brooke stayed behind with Dad to finish off the sides too!

And little Miss Taylor is not too far behind!  Looks like she will be a good eater just like her sisters!
 There are so many things shooting and bubbling over with water that at first the girls just stood there taking it all in!

 Tay hung out with us in the shade.  In the past couple of days she has begun to crawl (or at least drag her self along the ground) so it will be no time before we can't contain her on a blanket anymore! 

 Kids + Water = Endless Fun!

 Brooke was tickled pink with all of the different things to do!

 Aspen's expression is the perfect moment captured of her time in the park!  Hannah and Brooke would run back and forth, snacking and drying off and warming up in the sun....  Aspen...  she just ran from thing to thing to thing the entire time!

 After a while John took Taylor to show her what all the excitement was about.  She was so sweet and I'm sure that she wanted to go in herself!

 Like I said before, Taylor is quickly on her way to crawling and I'm sure it will be no time before she is running around too!  She loves to flip over and pull herself up on John when he is on the ground with her.  She will practice over and over!

 Interesting flavor that was quickly accepted!  Welcome to the world of freeze pops Taylor!

 The girls were SO hungry after all of that playtime!  The bag was quickly torn open and not a kernel left for the seagulls flying overhead! 

 And closed freeze pops are a fun way that T cools down too!  It doesn't take much to please her...  Taylor is a pretty content little girl!

At the end of the evening all 4 girls were tired and happy!  Snuggled up in the car, we though they would all fall asleep on the way home!  Instead they waited till we got home and crashed!  So did we! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer is here!

Summer is officially here and we are LOVING it!  Taylor slept in this morning, so the girls and I decided to make homemade waffles, whip cream, and bacon for breakfast!  Yum!  A household favorite here!  I have 3 little cooks on my hands and a Dad who is looking forward to all of the future meals to be made in a house full of culinary geniuses! :)

Later we ran to the store and the girls picked out different flowers they liked.  We came home and the girls planted them.  I think they look great!  Let's just hope Brooke can resist the temptation to pick the flowers, we know she doesn't during walks in the neighborhood lol!

Then we recieved a birthday package in the mail from Aunt Lis!  It was curlformers!  The girls were so excited and insisted we put them in right away!  The PERFECT gift with all of the hair I have to fix!  Thanks Aunt Lis!

Oh how I love Idaho's dry heat!  The hotter the better in my opinion!  I'll take the 90s and a backyard pool anyday!  So will the girls! 

 And then sleeping beauty awoke from her afternoon nap and had a blast jumping outside next to the pool!  She thinks she's hilarious sometimes!  When sitting up, she will laugh so hard she falls over :)  It's pretty cute!

Taylor is getting SO big SO fast!  Just days short of turning 8months old!  Hard to believe we are already approaching 1yr!  Such an amazing little girl, and our family definitely wouldn't be complete without her.  So glad she is here!

And finally... check out those chubby thighs!  (Or "chumpy" as Hannh calls them!)  They are the best, and match T's cheeks perfectly!

Yay for the summer!  Yay for heat!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Girls!

 It's unbelievable to think that Aspen and Brooke are already 3!  It seems like yesterday that my water broke and we were headed to the hospital at 35 1/7 weeks of my pregnancy.  They came into this world just as confident as they are today!  We are going to have their party next month when Grandma Pat comes to town, but we couldn't pass up a family celebration to mark this special day!  Hannah made a giant cupcake for Aspen and Brooke's special day!  She did such a great job!
 The girls couldn't wait to dig in!
 After we were done singing, they started blowing out the decorations on their own, haha!
 After cake we headed to Red Robin for a celebration dinner.  Hannah has always LOVED Red Robin and so have we.  With every child added to our family, dinner time seems to get less quiet!  We have four little chatter boxes on our hands, and at Red Robin it doesn't matter how loud your table is!
 This was Taylors second Red Robin experience and it took a bit for her to take it all in since she had just woken up from a nap! 
 Mac-n-Cheese with unlimited refills is an all time favorite!
 Then came Hannah's favorite part of the visit!  At the end of your meal they make balloon ears for you and have you stand up in your chair...  then all of the wait staff sing Happy Birthday to you!  The twins were a little shy at first but absolutely LOVED it!  The entire restarant was looking at them!  That tends to be the case as twins...  they tend to steal the show when around people who aren't used to seeing double!

This was the end of the song...  turn up the volume and listen to Aspen's laugh at the end!  It is adorable and she had everyone around us giggling at the end!

 Hannah and Taylor just can't get enough of each other.  She is such a big helper and Taylor is always laughing at the funny things Hannah does!
 And my favorite part....  Free ice cream Sundae's!  Yum!  Mom and Dad and Hannah got the leftovers because they are so big!
It was a good day celebrating our family.  Aspen and Brooke are two very special little girls!  We can't wait to celebrate you all over again next month!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Our Little Watermelon

 A friend got this costume for her daughter for $2 and after seeing her daughter in it, I knew Taylor's chubby cheeks would be irresistable in it, so we borrowed it for a Sunday afternoon photo shoot!  Such a cutie! 

 If you look really close, you can see Taylor's bottom two teeth!  They have just recently come in!  She is growing way too fast!
 Such a cheeser!
Hannah says she looks good enough to eat!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Loving the Summer Sun!

 Yesterday we spent the afternoon enjoying the sun.  John napping in a chair, Taylor and I playing on the blanket, and the other 3 girls playing in the sprinkler!

 Taylor is happy and content exploring the world now that she is strongly sitting up on her own!  It's a much better view than the sky!  So much to see with three very active sisters!

 And grass was the flavor of the day.  Even though we put a blanket down, Taylor always pulls it back so she can access the grass and eat it.  :)

 So happy and content just hanging out!

3 little sunbathing beauties!  Warming up after playing in a very cold sprinkler!